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    Try to install patch that will disable light sensor, maybe it will helps :/

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    I want to know whether the flex cable problem?
    was just about to suggest this...

    This happened to my veer and after "squeezing" the screen to the slider the screen lit up and problem went awsy

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    after 4 months of great service, mine started having blackouts when opening slide. the issue got worse through days and I was no longer able to type anything when slide is opened (therefore showing keyboard).

    squeezing the screen worked sometimes, however after a couple of days nothing was able to show up screen when opened, but the screen was working fine closed (however couldn´t type anything).

    I decided to disassembly it to take a look on flex cable and it appeared good. Assembled everything back and screen died permanently: even closed is working anymore. on other hand, phone is working normally: can receive calls using bluetooth, alarm, etc...

    any success looking for a flex cable replacement?
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    i took your route and had more sucess... i tried reseating the flexes inside the veer, and it's working fine again!
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    lucky guy!

    wondering to buy another one.... however, I´m afraid to the new one get same issue... not sure the flex cable issue is a project issue or I only had a bad luck
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    after a quick research, I couldn´t find any similar phone on same price range... so I bought another one!

    wish me luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    It is a known problem, a lot of people have complained about it in forums or best buy website. I say get a new phone.
    I had the same problem. I was about to return my veer but I seen a post about screen protectors causing similar experiences. I removed the skin and all has been good for the last few days
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