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    The synergy messaging plugins are still under-development. I suggest you read through the whole thread.

    Photo synergy for facebook is only available on TouchPad only. Not on the Veer. To view your facebook photos, you have to use the facebook app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    It's an issue with the way the Facebook app handles HTTPS. Go onto facebook on your computer and disable HTTPS in the options
    tx man... but already tried
    account settinhgs --> account security --> HTTPS disable
    but still cannot see the facebook picture roll :S
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    You have to use Jabber instead of Facebook Chat
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiukiukiu View Post
    You have to use Jabber instead of Facebook Chat
    That's how I use facebook-chat with Adium. Works perfectly
    Chat: Desktop clients - Facebook Help Center | Facebook
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    HTTPS disable, but still the same... Still cannot see my FACEBOOK photos in the VEER's photo roll TX dude anyway
    Don't know if it's me... But this synergy is kinda weird... Now I cannot send or receive SMS :s what am I doing wrong??
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    What is that JABBER stuff? Still inside the messaging app? Because I'd like to use the synergy thing... Even if synergy doesn't want me to use it... Or is like a third party app?
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    Ask here for the Synergy Plugin

    READ Facebook over Jabber in the first post
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    Quote Originally Posted by naokrei View Post
    HOMEBREW is really legal and allowed by PALM?? dude It feels like being blind while using iPhone and finally see the light (^.^) lol
    Not only allowed. They send devices and infrastructure for free to webos-internals guys.
    Newness Developments apps:

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