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    Went to my local BestBuy store to check out the Veer. I'm on Sprint but wanted to see if it was as small as people say and play with WebOS 2.X. here's the problem. They have three people there helping customers. I see one customer which seems she was buying phones for her three kids. The younger two..say 12-14 picked up the Veers (they had a black and white) and started navigating saying how small it was. The rep said...'you don't want those...they're junk'. Whaaaa!!! I interrupted him (which I never get into anyone business) and asked him why. I had a little audience with the parents and the two kids when I said this. He said who makes a small phone like this. Everyone else is making 3.5-4.5in screen phones. The OS is clunky and too hard to learn. There are no apps. It's cheaply made and iphone and andriod are better systems. I took the Veer (which has service..go figure) and showed him what it could do. I even schooled myself due to the webos 2.x ....nice. The kids were like cool, the parents were lovin' it. The parent did want a bigger screen...and I agreed...the teens were fine. I noticed he had an Evo and said lets do a comparison of what your phone can do and what you say this one can't. Veer smoked him in every cat....except the 4g...Sprint was much faster. Then he brought up the only argument I couldn't deny......apps. But I did put the question out there on how many of those 100,000+ apps are junk?. In the end the girl got the Veer....hope that doesn't mean it's going to be a girl phone.
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    hahaha funny ****.... i hope she enjoys the phone =)
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    That is the main problem I found with Best Buy. The employees don't bother to learn about the other products besides the one form factor or OS they like. I guess that is the problem about having employees that are not on commission, they aren't motivated to learn as much, just stay in their personal comfort zone.
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    I had a similar experience at one of my local Best Buys. When I complained about the rep on Best Buy's Facebook page, they asked me to send them an email with the store location, which I did. I recommend you do the same.
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    awesome. Good job.
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    That's just one of those **** you moments that you kind of just have to hold in.
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    That is awesome. Slightly off topic but not every Best Buy rep is like the on in the OP's anecdote. Some of these people don't know anything about phones and some love everything about mobile OSes and smartphones. It's retail, good service can be hit or miss sadly.

    I've worked at a Best Buy and pride myself on always providing good customer service as well as being honest/open with the customers.
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    I just saw the Veer show up here this week. They actually setup the display between the tablets/ereaders and the computers rather than in the mobile section (or the AT&T section since they're the only national carrier allowed to sell B&M up here).

    Oh, they also have a blank space reserved for the TouchPad with a cardboard display of it. I guess HP is even pushing launch day retail release for the TouchPad up here.
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    The issues people have with webos are the stigma of the original pre. unfortunatly its all true, but it is also in the past. it will take time for people to come back around to webos, but with HP sticking webos in our faces just about newhere, things will turn around.
    just keep hardware nice and tight. and software optimized, people will start to notice just how powerful webos can be.
    u know many people forget but when the first ipod came out ( ibought one) people thought it was garbage and this and that, but failed to see how far syncing with itunes would take it. Webos syncs with pretty much anything now and will only grow as HP releases the API.
    Once that happens, pretty much nething u own will be synced for u, automatically. that will be a game changer~!
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    My best buy gave me the best experience ever when buying this phone. Not only that, the guy knew a lot about webOS and was a previous pixi user. I got it free and did the buy back program.

    My experience buying it the first time at ATT was a nightmare. Best Buy saved the day on that one.
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    When I bought the Veer at Best Buy, the guy I worked with was pretty jovial. He didn't know much about the Veer, but was more than happy to help me set it up including calling AT&T in order to make sure I kept my unlimited plan. I said no to all those Best Buy "extras" and he kept joking "Good Lord, it's a good thing I don't work on commission."

    My total came to $1.09 for my Veer. I handed him exactly that amount but the dollar was ripped. I asked if he was going to accept it. His response was "I have no choice. You haven't bought anything else."

    It was a good experience overall.

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