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    After trying out the Veer at an AT&T place and a Best Buy, I decided to buy one (lost an auction for an unlocked here at PC, and my 3rd Sprint Pre, the last bought off eBay, had cashed in).

    Because there's an AT&T near me, I called and asked the rep whether he would match the BB deal, as I'd seen on PC. He started making noises about buying accessories, so it was off to BB.

    Here's where it gets interesting (I hope). At the first BB (where I had to have the rep get a boxed one out of a cupboard the week before, when it had just launched), the rep could not have been less interested in making the sale. She seemed bored throughout the transaction, at one point actually dropping the phone on the floor (!) and then finally claiming that my (very old) Sprint number couldn't be ported.

    I left and went to a BB less than 10 miles away where the staff was fast, efficient, professional, and courteous, and walked out shortly after with an activated Veer.

    The moral: all BBs are not created equal.

    I'll buy a TP at the second store.
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    It depends on management. All retail chains are the same: there's great ones and there's ones that don't care. There's no middle ground. I was an assistant manager at a gas station cumberland farms for 3 years, and we were the best in the district, and probably best in the region. Go a mile down the road to our sister store on the other half of town, and you run into a bunch of fat ladies who couldn't care less about whether you're actually in the store, let alone being interested in you. Forget about putting a smile on your face.

    There's good ones and there's bad ones everywhere. Remember the good ones, and keep checking on the bad ones to see if the management has changed.

    Everything falls on the management.
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    Are town bestbuy is very professional i love them!
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    Totally agree with this. The best buy very close to me is not very good in the mobile department. The one that's a few miles further is fantastic!
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