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    Had the chance today to use the Veer on speakerphone to participate in a meeting by phone. The attendees were clustered around one of those conference room phones. I used to hate using the Pre minus in these situations, but the Veer speakerphone is extraordinary--very loud and very clear. I actually felt much more a part of the meeting than I used to in this situation.
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    Totally agree.

    I never used my Pre speakerphone because it was so horrible.

    On the Veer it's amazing!
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    The veer they had at my best buy must have had a blown speaker as it sounded just like my pre-when I had blown the speaker. It wasn't very loud at all and when I turned it up to max it was so badly distorted. I hope this isn't still going to be a problem with the new devices.
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    I in fact think Veer's speaker phone function is weaker than my old Pre+. Seems like speaker blown the sound.
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    Omaha and hsu: Definitely sounds like a hardware problem. The speakerphone is one of the things I find most impressive about the phone, and I seem to recall several online reviewers making similar comments about it.
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    mine sounds pretty good at mid volume. dont know what it sounds like at full volume tho

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