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    Has anyone seen any advertising for the HP Veer, on the internet or commercial. AT&T is not included to be a carrier of the HP Veer 4G ..

    Why do you think HP is leaving the carrier a mystery in the advertisments?

    Discluding the commercials with the little AT&t symbols. They dont go out of their way to let people know its the carrier.
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    The commercials I've seen show AT&T and Best Buy at the end. It doesn't actually say "Only on AT&T" or anything. But I think thats because its an HP commercial and not an AT&T commercial.

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    First off, AT&T's logo does indeed make a showing in the commercials - right at the end, at the bottom of the screen, along with the Best Buy logo.

    As for why it's not front-and-center, I'd speculate that the commercials we've seen so far are entirely HP-funded and HP-created. Presumably, AT&T agreed to foot some of the advertising costs when they negotiated their exclusive on the Veer, and we'll see AT&T-made commercials that include the Veer later on - along with much heavier AT&T mentions.
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    ya but they dont go out of their way at all to let the users no which carrier its on.
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    Good point ...?

    Sorry, I don't really know what you're getting at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky59 View Post
    ya but they dont go out of their way at all to let the users no which carrier its on.
    I get your point. But I think they are promoting the Veer and not the carrier. If someone was actually wanting the phone, I'm sure they can easily figure it out. I know I would.
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    yeah, but im SURE Apple made most of the AT&T iPhone commercials and they announced specifically AT&T now that Verizon came they havent really been announcing the carrier on APPLES commercials.
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    Heres a random commercial for the iphone. It does show AT&T at the end for a couple seconds but doesnt actually SAY it.

    Think about any (for example) grocery store product you see on tv. At the end, its does tell you WHERE to buy it. I think that responsibility falls on the company who sells the phone. I think if anyone should be promoting it on AT&T, it should be AT&T.
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    But again, thats an AT&T commercial and not an iPhone commercial. Apple didnt make that.
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    yes, my point is at&t is not doing anything to advertise and when HP advertsies at&t it doesnt even get its own screen like iphone at&t does.
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    iPhones been around a while on AT&T. That has been AT&Ts bread and butter so to speak. Im sure advertising is settled with carriers before launch with the makers of the device. And since the Veer has apparently been a "soft" launch, I dont think HP is wanting to push it all that much as their next big phone when they have other devices coming out in the summer.
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    I see the Veer advertising as being more about webOS than the specific device. The Veer gets people's attention, but some will think, "cool phone, too small." Those same people will be quite interested, though, when the Pre3 comes along. These adds are for mindshare, the Veer is a good vehicle for that purpose.
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    If you were HP, would you like to highlight the fact that your newest phone was on AT&T?

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