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    Quote Originally Posted by jeromem75 View Post
    My main issue is I can't stop playing with it....
    SMS bug, and the odd bug (random) but nothing a restart can't fix. and most of it might be of non stop patching :-)
    Very happy with it. I am waiting on the Pre3 or Next Iphone for a second toy but I could happily stay with the Veer.
    I roll patchless.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Played with the veer today at Best Buy. Feels so MUCH better than the Sprint Pre. The keyboard is WAY better since the keys are more rubbery and raised higher so its easy for me to type on it even with my big fingers. Didn't think much about the veer when it launched, but after playing with it, I wish Sprint would get it so i could get it. D:
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    I love my Veer overall so far. WebOS 2.1 is really polished and thoughtful, although I still need plenty of patches to tweak the UI how I want. Just Type is brilliant.

    So far what I don't like:
    -The texting lag. The whole phone locks up 2-4 seconds every time I send a text. Very annoying.
    -The headphone/USB input issue. Remembering to keep track of the adapter for headphones so I can use the Veer in the AUX port is a hassle.
    -Patches from 1.4 not working with 2.1 yet. Doesn't make the phone bad, but the patches definitely make the experience even better.

    Other than those, I really prefer Veer to the Pre. Still probably will pick up a Pre3 to try out, but I made the jump from Sprint to ATT, and I'm very glad I did.
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    Here's my experience with my soft white Veer, so far:

    I've been a WebOS user for over a year now. I started with a Pre Plus, then a Pre2 and now find myself with the Veer.

    The build quality of the Veer is amazing. In each successive WebOS device I've owned, I've seen the build quality get better, but the Veer really feels exceptional. The Gorilla glass seems to flow into the plastic case without a seam. Although the case is plastic, it doesn't feel cheap or easily damaged. It is a little slippy - and with the small size of the phone, it has slipped out of my hand a few times. However, the design touches (like the integrated camera and speaker grille on the back) make it feel elegant and moderately sophisticated.

    The buttons are solid and responsive. The lock key is a little too far around the side to be comfortable, but you know when you've clicked it. There's a lanyard hole (all the rage with the kids, apparently) - the weight of the Veer certainly makes it viable to be hung around the neck. The SIM card cover is a real pain in the *** to open. Maybe that's not a bad thing. The silent switch is excellent.

    The keyboard deserves a special mention. It's really small, but somehow it totally works. You're not going to type out the next War and Peace on it, but the tactile feedback is just right, the space bar positioned just so, and everything feels easy to reach. The space bar is even bevelled upwards in the middle to make it just that bit easier to get to. The Pre keyboard did take some getting used to, but the Veer is a natural progression that requires no learning curve. The keyboard slider is solid and isn't exhibiting Oreo effect so far. It's easy to open and close with one hand.

    Call quality is good. So far, I've heard no one complain of bad call quality from their end. Volume is good, but could do with being a little louder. I've made calls in quiet and crowded areas and have had no complaints.

    Battery life (so far) has been good. Better than the Pre2. Yesterday, it left the Touchstone at around 7:30am and had Wifi, 3G and push email on two accounts enabled all day. With light use I still had around 25% at 7pm that evening.

    Generally WebOS seems either super-responsive, or laggy. It feels like it needs a software update to mature. Going back to the Pre2, it may be slightly slower overall, but there is no lag and the experience of switching between apps, sending a text, loading a web page, all seem to happen without you having to wait too long. I'm guessing this is something HP will sort pretty soon.

    The headphone adapter might become a pain, there's no two ways about it. Personally, I've not had a major issue so far. The one adapter that comes with the Veer is in my car (where I usually plug my phone into my car stereo), and I have some sweet Bluetooth headphones that have always worked really well with WebOS (the Veer being no exception). I did have some problems streaming music from Spotify through to some Bluetooth speakers I've got (stuttering), but I've only done that once so far and it could be a whole host of non-Veer issues - so the jury is still out on that.

    The special charging / USB cable is the one that is a real pain. It means you can't be at a mate's house with 10% battery and get a quick top-up from their (now standard) micro-USB charger. Without being able to replace the battery too, I'm guessing this is going to bite me on the *** pretty soon. I have had to buy an extra Touchstone to charge at home, so with the magnetic USB cable on me all the time, and the Touchstone at home, hopefully I'll be covered the majority of the time.

    Homebrew has caused me some issues. I'm not sure if the patches are just too new for the Veer, but I've got into a couple of real problems after patching in the same way I did with my Pre2. I really love Advance System Framework - Device menu, but it seems to really freak my Veer out when I try it. I thought my Veer was bricked at one point, but that may have been a bad combination of low battery and odd patch-induced behaviour. I managed to get into a state where the screen wasn't showing anything, but the phone was still functional, and I ended up starting voice dialing by accident and calling some random from my address book at 11:30 at night. After frantically scrambling for the power button to try to turn the Veer off (there was no 'handup' button, the display wasn't working), I had to wake my wife up and ask her to open the SIM card cover so I could just yank the SIM out to stop the call. After that, the Veer wouldn't charge or wake up for a whole day. Somehow, after 24 hours, plugging it into my Mac woke it up. I've since doctored it back to Factory and (for now at least), I've not put Preware back on my Veer at all.

    Overall, I'd say the Veer is the best WebOS device I've had so far. But it certainly isn't for everyone. The magnetic headphone and charge cable is a problem you have to be aware of and work around. But it's size is the most appealing thing to me and it certainly is small. The size is a greater positive than the issues around the magnetic adapters. The Veer is getting a huge amount of attention from people who notice it (60% positive) and I love that, at a time when it seems every street chav in the UK has an iPhone 4.

    So, I'm still a happy WebOS customer. Bring on the Touchpad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by toby2010 View Post
    -The headphone/USB input issue. Remembering to keep track of the adapter for headphones so I can use the Veer in the AUX port is a hassle.
    Buying another adapter so I could just leave them in place (on headphones and on car aux cable) was $10 well spent. Besides needing to remember it, if you can't leave it in place, you have to plug and unplug frequently, and the jack in the adapter is REALLY tight. So yeah, getting one or more additional adapters to cover your needs makes it a much better experience. You can get them on the HP website.
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    Love the phone... but for me the killer is the SMS lag... they really need to fix this ASAP... Other than that? got no issues.
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    I have moved back to my Windows Phone 7. I likes the Veer in a lot of ways, the size and weight were good with more room in my pocket, the software features are good, the flow and ease of use are good. The problems I have with the veer are related to performance and stability. There were times when the phone would be unresponsive to touch and I would have to turn off and on the screen, there were a couple of re-boots (I used it for a little over 1 week), at times the screen would remain off after a call and I couldn't get the screen back on to hang up a call. Sometimes the touch would lag for a sec or two between cards or the phone would pause for a sec or two.

    All in all, I still think it has great potential but for a first time WebOS I wanted it to be as smooth as WP7, or iOS and not have lags and crashes... I haven't decided if I am going to sell it on e-bay or hold on to it and wait for some patches to give it a try again.
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    had my phone for about a week and noticed most of the bugs previusly noted. also find the phone kind of slugish in certain areas and not as snappy as first impressions.

    not much seems to be going on for developing new apps. veer is a good solid texting phone with smartphone features but thats about it. bugs need to be fixed on next update.
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    I've had my phone since the soft release and I really like it. It's my first palm device, and I absolutely love using webOS. It's a small phone, for sure, but very easy and intuitive to use. And as for the auxiliary adapter issue, I always have my purse on me, so I just keep mine in the zippered pocket of my purse. I *do* greatly dislike that it refuses to charge using the car/usb adapter that I already had (suspect it needs a different voltage than standard due to the special charge port).

    Other than the car charge issue, I have experienced a number of bugs: the apparently universal texting issue, occasional error messages when trying to take a picture, occasional freezes, and for some reason my voice dial glitches and won't work. It acts like it's going to let me voice dial, plays the tone, and then jumps straight to the phone dialer before I can say my command.

    These are annoying bugs, but they don't totally ruin my experience. All in all, it's a great phone that I very much enjoy and would highly recommend. And even though I do want to eventually go to a full-size android phone (for expandable memory, etc), I think I will really miss the Veer's lovely interface.
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    I have a question for you guys,
    after 30 days, what about the screen?

    I mean, is it really resistant and insensitive to scratches? or is it better to use screen protector?
    I ask that because here, in France, i don't find quality screen protector...
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    Over 30 days in at this point... No screen protector, no problem. Put it in my pocket unprotected all the time.
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    Gorilla glass is terrible.

    My screen is broken after my phone fell on the ground from only 10 inches. It has got a real burst.
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