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    Sent them an email detailing the interaction.
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    Again, I have to agree w/Falconrap. In another consumer area, I had problems w/employees not doing their job. I didn't want to get someone fired. BUT, I have a group of friends who are small business owners and they were UNANIMOUS in that they wanted to know/be given feedback if one of their employees wasn't up to snuff. They said firing probably would be a last resort as long as the guy didn't have a bad track record & was willing to try & improve.
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    This sounds awful familiar to 2 news reports on WP7 getting trashed at stores as well. I've asked at 2 AT&T stores and 2 Best Buy stores, with 1 each disliking the phone, 1 BB not even knowing what it was, and 1 ATT liking it. In 3 of the 4 , I was steered towards the salesperson's personal phone, which has not been an unusual phenomenon for me.
    A Verizon store employee was once quite honest in admitting that they tried to steer people away from high return phones. He actually pointed out that the Pre was cheaper on the website.
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    I went in to see if my Best Buy had an HP touchpad booth setup, but they don't have it yet. I did, however, see an employee toying around with a white Veer. I started talking to him about it and he was well informed about webOS and smartphone/tablet trends in general. Said he'd sold a few of them and didn't mention a high return rate or anything.

    As for if the touchpad would be in stock right on th 1st, he said they usually get stuff on launch day but there's no guarantee. I hope it's there when I go to check next month.
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    Received a response from BBY today:

    Thank you for letting us know about this experience and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you encountered. It’s always important for us to know events like these, so that we may appropriately address them with the appropriate channels. I agree with you that the sales associate’s behavior is not one which we tolerate and I will surely pass this along to be reviewed.

    If there’s anything else I can do or if you have any other comments, let me know.
    Nice to have a prompt response. Whether anything will be done, I can't say, but kudos to BBY for presenting a receptive face.
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    I would totally CC HP as well. I think HP Wireless Central is actually run by Best Buy, so might get them to reconsider if this trashing trend continues.
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    I hate the Veer too, and I try to sound smart until someone asks me why I hate the Veer and then I say "Well, that's what I heard".
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    Hate to say it, but some people see the size of the Veer and just make assumptions...
    Size doesn't always matter..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    the people in the cell phone department are useless.
    Yup doesn't help that that's where you start as a new employee, personal electronics. They aren't gonna have a new salesperson where they are selling 2k tv's.

    Quote Originally Posted by c_legaspi View Post
    dont blame the employee, blame hp or bb for not properly training there staff.
    WRONG! Actually HP has been doing training in BB's including giving away free phones. The problem is, especially with BB, is apathy means you do less work. BB employees aren't commissioned so they don't really care if they make sales (especially low level folks in PE). They get you to walk away and stop asking them questions, they win.

    NOTE: What I have said above does not refer to all BB employees or all cell phone sales people. I spent a lot of time in retail management, you will find these people all over the place, and the employee is to blame (because they don't care).
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    ^ This is why I always prefer dealing with carrier-employed retail reps, who are almost always commission-based. Granted, this method has its downfalls as well (bigger spiffs/promotion for Android = they'll push Android), but I really prefer it when salespeople are incentivized. It helps combat laziness.

    Now all that's needed is a massive overhaul across the industry to compensate reps for customer satisfaction instead of raw sales. Sprint was starting to take some steps in this direction when I left in 2008 - not sure if they're continuing that.

    Thanks for the insight on BBY personal electronics people. They really need to get a better model.
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    i have to admit. i never owned a phone that was going black (but still doing something) or froze every here and then, and let it only be every two weeks. it may happen twice a year for it to be tolerable.

    i want a veer because i love the os but until now i stick with 1.4.5 because of the 2.x bugs and i understand every normal customer that claims the device is a no go.

    i love it and i tolerate more (and will buy a veer as soon as its available here) but not the normal users out there especially not the dumb phone audience that hp aims at.
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