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    Ok, so I purchased a Veer and used Impostah to create a palm profile. I am able to create a US profile, but I don't have a US credit card, so I can't buy any apps. I am unable to create a UK profile on the Veer from Impostah: I select UK from the country list, enter my e-mail and password and click Log Into Profile / Create Profile (I've tried both). It comes back as fine, but if I return to Impostah home and return to Activation, it says US (country).

    Tools at my disposal:
    - Unlocked Veer & UAE SIM (I live in Dubai)
    - UK SIM (works, but has no funds so I cannot activate directly - Veer asks for activation over 3G/data network if not using Impostah)
    - UK credit card
    - Patience

    Am I doing something wrong? I've tried starting from new veer, then preware, then impostah, then create new profile in UK. Doesn't work. Full Reset on Veer, then tried putting the UK SIM in. When it boots, it tries directly activating through data network and fails, leaving me stuck on the try again or change APN settings. From here, I tried going into DEV mode to be able to connect to WiFi, but this involves a restart. After the restart, I am no longer presented with a way to "directly" activate. Going back to Impostah and trying a new profile (even with a UK SIM inserted) creates a US profile.

    So right now I'm using it with a US non paid app catalog.

    Any and all help is much appreciated!
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    yeah you already created a US profile.
    So I don't think you can log/create a UK profile with the email you already used for the US
    You will need to create a UK profile with a new email or wipe the old one.
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    Hi jeromem75, thanks for the quick respose. Yes, I have tried creating a new account (new email) and still have the same issue. I've used all my emails and alias's up but I can make new ones to try another solution.

    The weird thing is on it says country:UK, but in Impostah under App Catalog, country access only shows US.

    Has anyone had any success with a non-US paid app catalog?
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    well I had a pixi with UK profile, when I received the veer, I just used my uk profile and I have no problem using the UK app store.
    I never used impostah so can't help you much on that one.
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    Hmmm... So it seems your situation just used the "direct" activation I talked abut above. Basically your profile was setup in UK, your SIM is UK, so you're on the UK app catalog (sounds so easy, haha). My problem is my UK SIM is useless to me from an activation point of view because I can't get onto that UK cellular data network. So even through my profile is UK, it's the phone (or SIM rather) that needs to also "be" UK.

    I'm not sure why it would let me sign up with no SIM to the US catalog but not the UK, other than the obvious fact that the Veer only launched in the US. But still, it doesn't make any sense.
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    Ok, so since I first activated (using Impostah) on the US catalog, am I screwed / stuck there with no way at all to change?
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    what about if you log to your palm profile and remove the imei from your palm profile ?
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    Tried that a few times

    ...although I'm not sure at which point during the half dozen resets/restores, so i'll try it again tomorrow morning.

    I dunno why i missed reading GuyFromNam's whole message which answers my question. So I am screwed. I guess I'll try a prepaid credit card or something.

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