View Poll Results: Would you trade your OC meta doctored pre +/- for a veer?

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  • yes anytime

    6 75.00%
  • No, I will stick it out with my pre

    0 0%
  • Yes, if it was for free

    2 25.00%
  • No, if it will cost me >$100

    0 0%
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    would you trade it?

    I have been using a pre plus from VZW meta doctored to 2.1 OC to 500/1000 Screenstate for over a year now.

    I am now using an HP Veer on ATT.

    the size does not bother me at all now that I got used to it. But I would get this phone over the bigger slower pre's

    HOw about you? does size matter that much?
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    I've been using an overclocked Sprint Pre. I bought a Veer. I am very happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runukraine View Post
    I've been using an overclocked Sprint Pre. I bought a Veer. I am very happy.

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    Wouldn't trade for a Veer. My optimum size is slightly larger than my Pre-.
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    You've been using a metadoctored Pre with 2.1 for over a year?

    Wow, can I borrow your time machine please?
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    i was at best buy and finally got to hold a veer. i would say this phone is an upgrade to the pixi. if you like the pixi then this could be the phone for you. the veer is really not my first choice over my pre plus or pre 3 but i was able to pick one up from ebay for a right price. i bought it mainly for the size as i want a good pocket phone and where i mostly use for messaging. i do an occasion of browsing and so ill see how that goes as our best buy here doesnt have working models of there phone.

    for a browsing phone, the pre is about the smallest screen i would like.

    so how is the browsing experience on the veer?

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