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    The videos HP and Palm upload on YouTube barely get any views. They desperately try to reach people, but barely succeed, because they don't have cult status like Apple and don't have nearly enough subscribers.

    The good news is, there are plenty of people on YouTube that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. There are SO many teens on YouTube that talk about NOTHING yet still get millions of views on each and every one of these videos, simply because they have a VAST amount of subscribers!

    THIS is who HP needs to partner with. Young people go on YouTube and look at these video blogs. They need to go to these people, offer them a device (especially the Veer) in exchange for publicity of the devices on YouTube.

    This way, they can reach a large part of their target market for the Veer at a VERY low cost. It's the simplest thing. Let me know what you think.
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    Could be a good idea. The new Veer TV ad features teen star Miranda Cosgrove btw. Video at webosroundup.
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    haul videos.

    The thing that made me loose all faith in humanity. But a hell of a marketing tool. -_-
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    more than videos they need shelf space, as Veer is believed only when seen
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    They should Sponsor some of the Rev3 Revision3: The Best TV Shows on the Internet - shows like: The Totally Rad Show, Geek Beat TV and Tekzilla (I'm not sure Diggnation would produce favorable results as Kevin may just diss it from the start like I've seen with other non-apple phones in the past) for a month or so and let them talk about the Veer/Pre3/Touchpad in their 'Sponsor Section' while they're at it, they should also get Leo Laporte of TWiT fame a loaner so he can talk about it (think Oprah of the Tech World kind of)

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