I always carry my phone in my pocket and the default drag-to-unlock screen isn't cutting it (answering calls in my pocket, unlocking itself). However, I don't want to always have to enter a pin to unlock my phone, only when I'm going to be biking with it in my pocket (which is at least twice a day). What I would like to see is an app that I can put on my taskbar that I could press once to put the phone in a true locked state that requires a password to unlock. I don't want it to be able to answer calls and I don't want it accidentally dialing emergency numbers either (this isn't a problem if the app allows sliding out the keyboard to access emergency numbers without a password). After the password has been entered, the app doesn't lock the screen again until it is manually loaded.

Unless I'm missing something, the default screen locking options on the Veer (currently running webOS 2.1.2) can not be used in this way. Every time I want to turn the pin lock back on, I have to load the app, scroll down to the locking section, enter a pin to use, and then reenter the pin to use, which of course is way more time-consuming than just hitting a single button that retains your password.

I know the seemingly obvious solution is to face the screen out in my pocket instead of toward my leg, but I've always put it screen-side facing in to protect the screen since I don't use a case. An ideal solution for me would be an app-based one.

Thanks to anyone who can help!