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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp2009 View Post
    That's a sucky experience and sorry for that but I do want to say that we don't get paid any extra to sell a certain phone and we don't work on commission at Best Buy. I work in a Best Buy mobile store and actually use a veer as my main phone right now (unlocked on T-Mobile). I have yet to have a customer come in and ask about the veer sadly but I have shown it to many people looking at upgrades but I always get the same reply "That's small actually too small, how can you type on that thing" I always reply by showing them how easy it is to type on it and showing them the cards and they always think it's neat but don't wanna risk trying it. This is my first webOS device and I have used every smartphone platform before except Symbian. I mainly use Android but I don't push anything specific to the customer, if someone came in wanting the Veer than I'll whip mine out and let them try it.
    That is interesting. Have you noticed interest for Veer in targeted group - featurephone users? How they react?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhavar View Post
    The correct way to approach this would have been:
    Sales person: "Can I help you find anything today?"
    Customer: "Yes, do you have the HP Veer?"
    Sales person: "Yes, we do. It's right over here." walks to end cap
    Sales person: "Are you looking to get a new phone soon?"
    Customer: "No. Well sort of. My contract will be up soon and I'm looking."
    Sales person: "What phone do you have now?"
    Customer shows Palm Pre Plus
    Sales person: "A Pre Plus! Great! What do you really like about your phone?"
    Customer gives list of likes
    Sales person: "That's good. So what would you like it to do better?"
    Customer gives list of wants
    Sales person: "Great! After you take a look at the Veer you might want to look at [insert another phone here], because it has a lot of the features you want."

    The sales person shouldn't be there to op ed. They should be there to make the customer feel good about making a new purchase. Part of that is making the customer feel good about their current purchase as well as informing their decision for their next purchase.

    The sales person should never openly criticize something their store is selling. Criticizing a product in the same brand/line someone already owns can be seen as an insult to the consumer's decision making ability. Plus it reduces consumer confidence in the store as much as in the product they're selling (i.e. "If it's crap, why do they sell it. What else aren't they telling me? Or does this guy have an ulterior motive? Upsell? Commission?")
    dead on imo. if all salespeople were this friendly and helpful I'd have a lot more stuff. lol.
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    Yeah, OP, I've had the exact opposite reaction in 3 different BBs in the Twin Cities. Maybe the kid was having a bad day. =)
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    About a week ago, my wife and I were used car shopping. We saw an ad for a vehicle at price X and went to see it even though it was a pretty good drive. It looked like a good deal, so we thought we'd give it a look. After we left, we saw another dealership a few blocks away and figured, since we had come this far, maybe we could see what they had.

    As we walked up an eager salesman came up and asked what we were looking for. I told him, he asked how much we were hoping to spend, my wife told him (it was slightly more than the car we had just looked at) and the guy gave us a double take and said "Are you serious?" He almost choked. It was at that moment that any chance of anything with us disappeared...and so did we!

    That was a stupid sales mistake...although it might be a tactic that works on some, it made us feel offended. However, it did make us more interested in the other dealer's car, which was listed for $1000 less than the amount we told the poor salesman.
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    That is when you make them feel like an ***. Well I was thinking about it but after this experience I will purchase elsewhere.
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    hey guys, OP here, and thank you for the responses so far.

    there is clearly some major work to be done in order to change resellers' perceptions of webOS.

    and to the poster who requested the store information, here it is:

    Best Buy - Brick - #475
    51 Chambersbridge Rd
    Brick, NJ 08723
    (732) 477-4443
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    Quote Originally Posted by chalx View Post
    That is interesting. Have you noticed interest for Veer in targeted group - featurephone users? How they react?
    To be honest I haven't had one customer ask about it. I did have a customer come in with a broken Pre- and I showed him the veer and he asked to try it and I gladly gave it to him but he was on sprint
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