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    So I am one of the lucky Amazon $49 Veer purchasers who actually got the Veer. I really dig the size and it seems like a nice enough phone but I don't think I am going to replace my iPhone with it. I just miss webOS and wanted to play with the new stuff.

    If I activate it using my ATT sim from my iPhone and then put the SIM back in my iPhone, will the Veer just constantly look for service effectively draining the battery much more quickly than it otherwise would? If so, is there a way for me to turn off cellular service without turning off wifi? Airplane mode wont work because I want to still have wifi.

    I am thinking of mostly using the Veer in exhibition mode next to my bed as a sweet multipurpose webOS alarm and information center. (Who knows maybe my experience with the Veer will bring me back to webOS and ill sell both these phones for a pre3...)
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    I don't know if it will keep searching for a signal. But, you should just use the bypass utility so it will just be a wifi-only device. Then install the bypass and first use patches so you can log in to your real profile to use the apps you've already bought, etc...
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    I went to DevMode right away. On the Insert SIM Screen, type in: #* Dialer should appear and finish putting in #*DEVMODE#

    Then use impostah to load your palm profile. Now you can buy stuff from the catalog.
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    on all of my palms i can turn on airplane mode and then switch on wifi. try it, i think it'll work.

    airplanemode wil remain activated.

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    Thanks for the tips guys, I will try those out when I get home from work this afternoon. Now I am just wishing I had kept my touchstones instead of giving them to my sister when I ditched my Pre...

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