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    Has anyone tried the Veer with any earphones from the Beats lineup which has the control talk feature?

    I'm curious to see of the control talk features for the music (pause, skip, previous, volume up and down) work as well as the features for the phone (pickup, hang-up, volume up and down)...

    These work very well with the iPhone, but with the new partnership between HP and Dr. Dre Beats products, I assume (hope) they would include the support on the new phone lineup.
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    Nothing? No one?
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    Well, Beats earphones aren't that common. However, Klipsch earphones have a similar system, and everything works except double clicking to skip to the next song on a Pre 2. Seeing that the Apple in-Ear Phones work by a very similar system and have the same compatibility issues, it would be safe to presume that the Beats earphones would work in a similar way.
    Unfortunately, I have no experience in the 'phone' features.

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