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    Hey Guys I was able to buy the new HP Veer on amazon for 50 bucks. The reason I bought it was so that when I learn to make apps (Still learning javascript) I'll be able to test my apps on webos 2.0, but right now I kinda stuck on Sprint and cant afford to get another line for AT&T. So the problem is im stuck on the sim screen. Can anyone help me out.
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    Did you get in on the deal a couple of days ago? I missed it, but wish I had known. Anyhow...

    The activation-bypass tool is not needed for webOS 2.0 devices.
    1.Go to the phone app.
    2.On a GSM phone, press "#*DEVMODE#", followed by the call button. On a CDMA phone, press "##DEVMODE#". (If the device is GSM, and there is no SIM card, a screen may be displayed instructing you to install one. Just begin typing the "#*" and the phone app will appear.)
    3.The Developer Mode scene will be displayed.
    4.Select "On". You will be prompted to re-boot the device.

    Note that the DEVMODE code is only for unactivated devices. It provides a way of bypassing activation and first use, and putting the device into developer mode at the same time.
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    Ya I got from amazon from the 50 off contract deal which is awesome. I was thinking even if I learn how to make apps im stuck on 1.4.5 and cant test them, so ya that was great. idk how to put pictures in here or I would but thanks I got it in devmod. thanks alot
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    oops i was too late...

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