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    Back when webOS and the Pre were coming out, Zach Epstein was one of our fiercest advocates. As the hardware issues mounted he and Josh Topinshy became our fiercest defenders. Here Zach reviews every detail of the Veer. He does a great job of detailing the many enhancements to webOS like enhanced multitasking and Just Type.

    HP Veer 4G review
    By: Zach Epstein

    When Palm first introduced webOS in January 2009 and subsequently launched the Palm Pre, I called the innovative operating system the best thing to happen to smartphones that year. To this day, webOS holds a special place in my heart for taking a novel approach to smartphone operating systems and making it beautiful. It was refreshing, it was capable, and it was not received at all well by consumers. But webOS’ problem was never the software. Perhaps the lack of available apps has been a bit of a hindrance, but I view Palm’s release strategy, its horrible marketing strategy and its sub par hardware as having played the biggest roles in preventing webOS from finding stardom...

    [lots of features noted in the article-he still loves webOS]

    The Bottom Line
    In the end, I’m having a hard time figuring out who HP built this phone for. It’s obviously not for power users, so to think of it from the perspective of a tech savvy smartphone lover is a waste of time. Is it for tweens and teens? Maybe. AT&T’s $15 smartphone data plan makes this phone a great affordable option for parents looking to save some money but still get a cute and capable smartphone for their child. Is it for high school or college students? Possibly. Affordability is still a huge factor with that demographic, and the Veer can can definitely keep up with a fast crowd, though the lack of apps could be more of an issue here. Is it for young professionals? That’s doubtful. WebOS is strong where productivity and PIM are concerned, but the tiny display on the Veer 4G is not good at all when it comes to email and other text-heavy functions.

    As a fashion accessory, the Veer is great. It’s cute phone phone that will definitely attract attention when it’s pulled out. The problem is that people looking for a smartphone and a fashion accessory typically opt for the iPhone, and I’m not sure there are many valid arguments for the Veer 4G over an iPhone in the eyes of a consumer looking for a fashion accessory.
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    I would seriously consider this phone if it came out on a carrier for which I could get a good signal (not ATT) for use with a TouchPad.
    The PrePlus is beginning to feel like a brick to me. Honestly, the other day I saw a woman with a slab strapped to her arm so she could listen to music while running, it looked like she had strapped a takeout menu around her triceps.
    The advertising will get going, a bunch of people will buy the Veer, and all the reviewers who say there is no market for a small phone (see here for tons of them

    will suddenly find their world is...enlarged.
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    I think Veer is a great phone, just make it global, across all carriers including T mobile.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Easy to carry is the main reason here. I want a decent phone that fit on my belt case.

    secondly, mostly It can do basic WebOS which I prefer compared to other OS.

    third, maybe because it has better camera then Pre+ that I really love to take picture with it when traveling outdoor. The pic really great on outdoor with good lighting. I used Pre+ to take pics & video more then using my Sony Pocket Digital camera.

    Recently people trapped to tend buy phone with big screen. What reason? I know.. for better browsing performance, and maybe for better movie player experience.. but beside that, I don't think big screen really important. I'm wearing glasses with deep minus, and I found browsing using tablet far enjoyable then on phone even on 4" screen. 4" screen not pocketable, putting on belt really heavy. If phone not pocketable.. better I choose tablet with 7".
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    Great review! Best one yet.

    I agree with it being too small for no reason.

    I have never heard anyone complain about their iphone being too big.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    The author loves webOS even more but admits that he simply does not understand who the market is for the Veer. We love webOS, so we do not care what package it comes in. But others might care.

    To try to figure this out I watched the HP Veer TV ad several times. It says, "I may be little but I pack a big punch." We say that the Veer is marketed to everyone but those commercials are to one specific person.

    Who would think, "Yes! I am little! This is for me!"

    No guy wants to be called "little". The boxer is shown as a street tough so the market is girls who like bad boys?

    I also didn't understand the Palm Creepy Vampire Girl marketing campaign or the Women in the 50's marketing campaign either.

    Say someone is at AT&T looking at the free feature phones like the Eternity II or some other "Free", no data plan, 3", voice dial, camera, texting, feature phone.

    For $50 more now and a minimum $360 2-year data plan, they can get an iPhone. They have lots of friends who have iPhones and know all about the apps. They have already played with their friends iPhone's and know how easy it is.

    Or for $100 + $360 they can get the Veer.

    Who is this market who would sooner pay $460 more than the Eternity and even $50 more than the iPhone to get a Veer?

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    Veer away from this phone!

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