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    Elisheva and her HP Veer

    A little tech guru who tells us how she likes her Veer and also she compared to her before pre plus. Her classmates went crazy when she showed the Veer in the school bus.

    A video to enjoy.
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    Look out Manny, this little girl can pakapunch of her own! This could be edited to be an effective ad...or at least part of one.
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    That's my girl! {Jonathan}
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    I love intelligent kids!
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    Too cute.

    And, she just taught me what that mirror was REALLY for.. duh!

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    haha very nice~! hope hp picks it up -=)
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    I thought she had an iPhone on her shirt, but it was an ice cream sandwich.
    I wonder if that was the inspiration for the iPhone?

    Great video though, excellent public speaking skills.
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    It was a great review. I made sure I RT'ed it to all my #android followers on twitter. lol She did a great job.

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    That was nice. Can I respond to this with a remix?
    I think it would be fun. Well done
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    HP should bottle this up and advertise it.
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    Very cute.

    Is this part of the Veer grassroots program?
    HP brings grassroots marketing with the "Veer Peers" program | |
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    Yep. As much as I indulge my daughter, I did not buy her the Veer (or start an AT&T account just for her; the Veer is set up as WiFi-only). Rather, she's been helping me try out the Veer I got as a Veer Peer. {Jonathan}
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    the best review eVeer!!!!!!
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    Your daughter is adorable. Looks straight at the camera... a spokesmodel in the making.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan I Ezor View Post
    That's my girl! {Jonathan}
    Congratulations Jonathan . You kid is very smart.
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    sharp kid....but she needs to learn how to mow that lawn man. Getting a little tall there jonathan.
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    If I didn't know your a Veer Peer I would say that is staged. Cuite and sharp girl!
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