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  • I got the $49 Veer from Amazon in my hand!

    17 24.29%
  • I ordered and says shipped, don't have yet

    3 4.29%
  • I ordered says shipping soon.

    1 1.43%
  • I ordered but they cancelled me.

    23 32.86%
  • I tried to order at $49.99, but got there too late.

    26 37.14%
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    if this was on sprint I would never sell it!this phone is soo cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Thanks all for selling your Veers cheap on ebay and here.
    The way I see it, it's a win-win situation.
    Yes. Great way for developers to get a phone.

    I got mine. Posted an ad in PC marketplace. I'm taking offers. PM me for the White Veer on AT&T.

    I'm trying to ship it out today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    wow, so the $49 Veers from a few days ago went through. I passed on it thinking it was another error. I would have ordered 2 had I known they would honor the sale.
    You and me both, would have ensured the wife and I leaving Sprint (at least for a little while) and going off contract with AT&T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Playboy View Post
    I got it. Unlocked it with #*DEVMODE# and was able to get past the SIM screen. I WOQI to install Preware and Impostah and am now enjoying all the benefits of webOS 2 over WiFi. So far, I love it.
    worked like a charm
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    Can those of you who received the phone take a picture of the phone w/your Amazon box?
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    I did the free shipping and mine went out today via Lasership for delivery monday.

    I'm on Sprint, so pretty much can't actually use it as a phone, but I couldn't help it.
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    Well now, mine arrived today! I wonder how many they wound up actually selling for this price.
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    I can't believe I got one! I gave it to my aunt for her bday, and she loves it. Hell I love it, I really hope sprint gets it b/c this might end up being my main phone especially if the unnamed 7" tablet comes out soon.

    It was a big jump from her iphone 3g, and I was showing her features such as just type and cards. Anyone know an easy way to transfer contacts from the iphone to a veer?
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    Mine's at my friend's Buffalo mailbox right now...
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    $$ where is!
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