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    Hi! I'm new here, but I have been keeping up with posts here since the day of the Veer release date was announced.
    I ordered a white one from my local BB as soon as they made it available and it quickly shipped. I had no problems getting it up and running and for the most part, my data transfer was smooth.

    my screen keeps going black. at first, i thought it was "user error", but it's been happening pretty regularly since I got it. it happens when terminating a phone call - most often if the person I am talking to hangs up before my screen lights back up and I can press the end call button. sliding the phone open doesn't always fix it. the only sure way to make it work again is to call the phone from another line - HA!

    is anyone else having similar issues? am i doing something wrong?

    OR, should i just swap it out for another one? I LOVE it, and I don't want to be bothered by this. i've waited TOOOOO long for it!

    many thanks.
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    it shouldn't do that. Have it checked out.
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    Is it just happening after phone calls? Wondering if it's the proximity sensor?

    Are you using a screen protector? Also makeup has been known to mess with the proximity sensor.

    There is a way to test the proximity sensor, if it's only happening related to phone calls this would be my guess.
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    The best thing to do is contact Palm. Its easy. Palm chat either on your phone (in the help app at the bottom of any tip) or online. Palm knows how to fix it and if they can't they will send you a new phone.

    Plus it allows them to document problems so they know what to fix. And it helps carrier relationships. Please go to Palm first.

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    Thanks - I appreciate the confirmation that it should not, in fact, be doing this.
    I will do an online chat tomorrow or either just return it to Best Buy and swap it out for another one. Wouldn't they just report is as a warranty claim?
    I don't have a problem with HP or Palm or whatever it is now sending another one, but, I am not home much during the day and delivery via UPS or FedEx will require a signature. I do not want to have to go pick it up (did that with the one i have).

    someone in another thread mentioned a popping sound, which i have noticed when the screen goes out.

    thanks again.
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    I have noticed that the proximity sensor is pretty sensitive. It's located on the upper right corner of the face, just to the right of the earpiece. I have triggered it accidentally while trying to input numbers on the virtual dial pad. I really have to be careful to keep my other fingers away from that area.

    But a long-time webOS user reported this in the bug thread. So it certainly might not be user error.

    It'd be useful if you would confirm that you're seeing the same thing in that thread.
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