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    I was wondering if I could take my sim card from my pre and pop it into my veer. Do I need to get a new sim card? And will I have to pay for 4g data? or is it the same price? I'm still on att and unlimited data.

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    good question. 4g does not cost more, not sure if they have an unlimited option. But I do think you will get 3g speeds just swapping your sim. And we all know 3g and 4g on att are the same.
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    yeah I know they are the same. I'm hoping its that simple!
    iPhone 1gen august 2007- may 2010
    Repaired: headphone jack twice. Buttons and back cover once. Screen has a crack.

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    Actually, my concern is that I'll get NO data when I switch from my Pre Plus to a Veer. I jack around with a few different phones every now and then and I picked up a HTC Inspire 4g when they came out. I popped in my SIM card and didn't have any data.

    I actually had to adjust the apn on my phone to get my data connection to work because I was using my unlimited 3g connection and not a 4g connection. See link for a better explanation:

    No data connection - xda-developers

    I know that was Android, but I was afraid that the Veer might have the same issue. Any experience with this? Switching to a 4g plan is not an option right now and I'd hate to pick up the Veer if this was an issue, or worse, an issue without a solution I could implement without messing with the kids at AT&T.
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    This is actually a fairly complicated question. First, cost. I dont live in a 4G area, but it is a mobile broadband area, meaning I have an H+ connection, but AT&T hasn't upgraded the backhaul yet. So I'm getting around 3mbps, which is pretty fantastic if you ask me. I dont know how fast the Pre+ is. The H+ connection works on the 2GB plan and the 200MB plan. So it doesn't seem to cost any more.

    As for whether you'll see the H+ indicator with you pre sim, I dont know. There is some amount of provisioning that's necessary to get the H+. So you might have to call them if it doesn't work correctly right away. I had some issues with the way my account was set up initially, so I didnt get the H+ for a few days until I called and got it straightened out.
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    Went to ATT with the sim card that came with my ATRIX 4g and was moved to my Pre2 and then to my Veer. It is 4G capable. But ATT is still not really 4G. Veer has Atrix 4G sim and says H+ but gets 3 mbs download speed. Atrix which son uses and has a new Atrix sim is getting 12 to 14 mbs in same house. Not sure what is going on. I do have a 4G plan on my Veer.
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    From what I've read you can use the same sim by just changing the plan. I swapped the sim from my Pre 2 to my Veer and 3g works but I haven't been able to bump up my plan yet. Making the change online failed for me and then I got a clueless rep on the phone so I'm still waiting to see H+ on my phone, wish me luck tomorrow! It's darn snappy on 3g though so no biggie.
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    At&t will bombard you with email and text messages when you take your sim out of your 3g phone and put into your veer.

    Changing the plan didnt cost me anything (yet)

    B.T.W. the sim worked fine, it was an exercise in switching plans, probably allowing them to charge more in the future.

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