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    I just wanted to post my review of the ATT Veer.

    I just went down to the ATT store in Oakland, California to play around with the Veer. When I got there, it was not on display but the worker went and got one from the back and plugged it in to charge.

    While I waited, I played around with several of the Android phones and thought they had a couple really nice features that HP needs to implement. It was weird not to have gestures and the multitasking that I familiar with.

    After 10 minutes or so, it booted up and I started playing around with it. It is very small, but I found that typing on it was similar to my original Pre, but the keys on the Veer are much better. They seemed to be raised and they click and it was quite nice.

    I then played around with the different apps on the phone, opening apps and using gestures and the Veer is very fast and extremely responsive. This was my first experience using stacks and it was pretty easy and simple to follow.

    For my liking, the screen is a bit too small. I played several YouTube videos and they loaded very fast and the picture was as clear as the Droids I was playing with...but again, very small.

    I played around a bit with VoiceDial and that seems to be a nice new feature. You hold down one of the volume keys and then speak into the phone. I went through the pre loaded contacts and out of the 4 names I said, it recognized 3.

    I think that the Droids had them here with there Voice search. That is probably the one feature that would entice me to switch if the Pre doesn't come out on Sprint. I searched for all sorts of stuff and it was very accurate.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the Veer and I can only imagine how great the Pre will be with the bigger screen.

    The charging mechanism was pretty cool as well. I am sure once you get used to it, it's just like a regular plug/jack.
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    Thanks for posting this!
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    "When I got there, it was not on display but the worker went and got one from the back"

    Still? dang.

    Otherwise, nice write up.
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    or tap and hold send/end button for voice dial
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    Just to be clear, there was a space for the phone, with pricing and features, but when I arrived there was no actual phone connected to play with. It was next to all the Droid phones, the 2nd phone from when you walk into the store.
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    I had a great experience at the AT&T corporate store in Davis. I walked in and said show my the Veer. They had one set up. Played with it for about ten minutes. Then I turned to the rep who was shadowing me and said "yup... I'll take it" Hadn't planned on buying it, but it's a legit phone and I'm tired of bad Sprint service where I live. I'm still in the 30-day trial mindset, but I'm pretty sure this is my new phone for the next two years.

    Reps only had good things to say about WebOS by the way. A few of them had had Pre Pluses. They were in awe of my overclocked Sprint Pre and the mods made possible by WOSQI and PreWare too.
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    That is precisely the experience my wife had. The AT&T store we wnt to seemed ready to sell webOS devices.
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    That's good to hear. (AT&T wanting to sell webOS)

    I went to Best Buy Saturday and checked out the Veer with a friend that was hear for the long weekend. I got him sold on webOS. However, he wants the Pre3.

    If both the Veer and the Pre3 were available on VZW I would have a really hard time picking! The Veer is pretty sweet!

    --Best Buy note: they had the 'Veer, Here' display that others have mentioned. It was right at the front to the phone section and you walk in the door. First phone display I saw. It had room for two Veers but only one was there. The one missing had a tag below it that described the missing phone as black. (the one there was white) There was also a large sticker hanging from each tag that simply said 'FREE*'
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    it's at my best buy too! Got it's own end cap on a line of phones with "Veer is here" slogan. I was impressed = fast and has a at&t demo running on it showing all the features. Installed my apps on it (free ones) : what's shaking and techtray - it had 10+ cards open and buttery smooth.

    Heck, if it were cheap enough, it'd be a nice spare phone. (don't want to be on a contract). Maybe they ought to make a deal - two phones, one line = small phone when traveling light. But if I needed one now, this looks fast and solid. and it's FREE as advertised on contract.
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    At my BB, I noticed that the Veer was getting pretty good traffic thanks, probably, to both its size and the "FREE" sign. Heard a couple of BB people suggesting the Pre as as good choice for a free smartphone.

    The push seems pretty similar to the free LG phone that BB was pushing over Xmas -- great free phone for those moving up to smartphones. The only difference, of course, is a lot non-smartphone people "know" about Android and dont know WebOS so that may be a negative. The BB guy I know said a lot of Sprint people were drawn in last holiday season by the Evo and Android ads, but a lot that were new to smartphones wound up going with the free LG.
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    AT&T store in Long Island:
    Veer had a nice display stand right smack in the middle of the store. Unfortunately they had 2 units on, but they were waiting for Sims?! The phones couldn't do anything except emergency calls (which I decided not to experiment with).

    The sales rep was very enthusiastic about the little guys though. She was well versed in WebOS (multitasking, stacks, etc). She also said she was trained on the veer along with a touchpad (which she had the impression was coming to AT&T at some point, only makes sense) and comfortably educated me on TTS, taking the Veers calls over the TP, etc. Just 1 story, but other than the missing sim cards, i was impressed.

    p.s.: I'm not switching from Verizon so she had no shot at a sale from me anyway.

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