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    I am a long time Palm user and read Pre Central daily. I do not post often but enjoy reading the information on the site. I thought this was worth mentioning. When I tried to buy my Pre Plus just over a year ago I was literally strong armed by Verizon staff to buy an Android phone. I was told WebOS was no good. After a couple of days trying to use Android I took the phone back to exchange for The Pre Plus. I thought I was going fight the sales staff just to buy the phone. I was amazed at their anti Pre sales tactics. Today I went to Best Buy for the third time since its launch to try and see the Veer which was not out on display. This time I asked the sales guy where the Veer was that they were exclusively selling in white. He had to ask other sales staff what I was talking about, then went to the storage cabinet and pulled it out of box to hand to me. The battery was dead and Of course I was told WebOS is junk and I should not be wasting my time looking at the Veer. In his mind Android was the only way to go. How can anybody get the chance to discover WebOS when these stores will not even try to display it? To this day not one Verizon store in my area has a Pre2 I was able to look at. None of these people even understand the phones or WebOS. If they would just try it most would be forced to admit it is a better way for a phone OS in every way. It's sad really.
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    This is really a great question or a bunch of great questions. If you were around a few weeks ago you may have remembered someone mentioning HP filling HP Ambassador positions to represent and sell HP tech (Veer, Touchpad, and probably Pre 3) by early June.

    I actually applied for one of these jobs looking for some part-time work and knowing how much I love webOS. Nonetheless, this was two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything...Nada!

    HP hired a 3rd party recruitment group to fill these advocate positions in Best Buy and otherwise and the listing referenced needing people by early June to begin training for next month big events. Will from what I can see, next month is almost here and hopefully they hired someone who is motivated, knows the product, and honestly cares about HP plan and vision. Actually, I just checked and the position in my area posted on April 18th is still listed and open...maybe they don't update their website often.

    Anyone else hear back from HP or MarketSource about these HP Ambassador part-time positions? Sorli...
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