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    I got the veer today ( I was going to wait to see if there was a "better together deal" when the touchpad came out but I got impatient.) at an ATT retail store and they matched the price of best buy sort of. They gave me $50.00 off and a $50 credit on my account. The rep told me that he had already sold 3 veers so I figured they must of sold a few more at the store since there were a lot of people working there.

    Couple of questions:

    1. I know I read this somewhere but can't find it
    how do I make a new group in the menu, I want one for games and one for tools.

    2. what are patches vs. apps and which are the most important to use?

    3. Which is best to transfer contacts: I have most my contacts on my sim but mixed in with alot of old ones and double or triple copies

    Is it best to move the contacts from sim to phone and if it is how do I do this?
    or is it best to go with hot sync (I have a centro) on my computer and then upload. I haven't hot sync ed in ages.
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    1. To create a new launcher page, pop open the launcher, and swipe down from the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then tap Add Launcher Page.
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    2. Patches vs. apps: patches are small changes made to the OS to make it work slightly differently. Apps are new software that you install on your phone. Which are more important to use is a little impossible to answer. Depends on you and your needs.

    3. There are a lot of different options on how to deal with contacts. You might be best off just leaving them on your sim. webOS should clean up most of the double/triple versions. Synergy is pretty good about merging those, so if you have email on one and phone on another, they'll both just appear together. My personal recommendation is to get everything into a Google account or Yahoo or some other cloud service. That is going to give you the most flexibility in the long run, and it works great with webOS. But getting your contacts from your sim to Google is the topic of another thread.

    There is a Palm utility to transfer your contacts out of the old Palm Desktop, so that is a potential option for you as well. I think it's called the data transfer utility--I'm sure a Google search will turn it up.
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    Very stupid question from me. I have lived in the world of CDMA since the late 1990s when I got a huge Qualcomm digital phone on Verizon.
    If I get the AT&T Veer with a SIM card and I decide down the line I need something bigger, can I just buy an ATT Pre Plus or whatever is then available on ebay and switch it out no problem, or is there more to it than that?
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    If it is an AT&T (or unlocked phone) you should just be able to pop the sim card into it.

    I maintain 4 phones for my family, including two for my parents who don't care about new phones at all and are happy with what they have. So I use the upgrades on their lines and swap the sim cards to upgrade more often.
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    Thanks. Wow SIM cards sound like fun. I am getting less and less worried about leaving Sprint come June 10 when my contract is up.

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