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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    Whether or not HP is targeting PC members isn't even the reason for putting up the poll. My job isn't to sell for HP. Just put it up for curiosity's sake as a way to compare against a similar poll given to a more general population.
    What sizes would you like in the poll?

    I think I might have worded my previous post incorrectly.
    What I meant was the current userbase here at pc are already using smartphones. That isn't who HP is targeting with the veer. The biggest majority of us are wanting the bigger screen because of what we use our phones for. Those coming from dumbphones who might be fine with the smaller screen haven't registered here yet.

    Also, if I had a Touchpad, I might prefer a smaller phone. Right now I want a larger phone.

    But sure, we can put a poll up.
    Just tell me what screen sizes you thinking.
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    I want to make the poll the same as the one on the website. It's a nice way of comparing Precentral folks to the more general audience at Phone Arena.

    Question: What is the perfect smartphone display size for you?

    Less than 3.5 inches
    Between 3.5 inches and 3.99 inches
    Between 4.0 inches and 4.29 inches
    4.3 inches and above
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post asks: What is the perfect smartphone display size for you?

    less than 3% of the 3000+ poll respondents chose a screen smaller than 3.5"

    does this bode unkindly for the veer's success?

    link to source: What is the perfect smartphone display size for you? - Phone Arena
    Um - in the Future, we'll have tablets and phones. The whole poll is predicated on the fact you'll just use a phone for all your mobile internet access. HP is two steps ahead of you.

    So, in the Future, I'll have a Touchpad and whatever webOS phone comes to Sprint. If no new phones arrive, I'll have my Pre- as a mobile hotspot with FreeTether. And if I want to intensely read my blogs or watch a Youtube vid, I'll just grab my tab.

    I can't figure out why this is such a hard concept for folks..
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    4.3" is good for me. when i had an hd2, i first thought it was too big but after a while it felt natural in my small hands and still fit in my front jean pockets with no problems (od course i wore casual or semi baggy jeans)

    if you wear calvin kliens, then i would suggest getting a veer.....just kidding of course.

    sorry i ever sold my hd2 as i think its the best hackable phone there is.

    i think the pre 3 screen size is about the minimum i would consider in a new phone.
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    That poll is extremely biast because it is a tech blog and the sampling size is drawn from their viewers. So yes, I can say without a doubt that tech heads like me and you mostly prefer a larger screen. HP isn't out to get us because they know that the way you bring us in is by news hipe and by a superphone. The HP Veer isn't a superphone for business users nor will it ever be. It is for bringing in those who are switching up to their first smartphone, teens, and in general people who don't want a heavy brick in their pocket. I know alot of people who refuse to even look at any phone that is iPhone sized. This phone is for them.
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    4 inch is perfect for me. Not to big but not small. And yeah i used a veer: last weekend at Best Buy. A working model at that. It's very much not for me. If it fits your needs go for it. It's just not for me. But for me the Pre is too small so the Veer didn't stand a chance.
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    Although I've never used one of these sizes, I FEEL like anywhere from 3.7 to 4.0 would be perfect for me.

    The Veer has been winning me over though, although I find the keyboard too small, even if it feels good.
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    Perfect size for me is the Pre 2. Never had any problems with it.

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    Samsung got it right & hit the sweet spot at 4".
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    Having only used the Pre, it works for me. Sure I could use more real estate, but one thing to say I want it, without trying it other than fiddling around with someone else's phone over lunch or something to that effect. I'm not sure I'd want smaller, however, the whole Veer/TouchPad as a combo, may change that.
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    I've been thinking about this a lot while waiting for my 2 years to be up on Sprint in a week. 95% of what I use my pre minus for is text-based: Carbon, email, Sports Live, occasional checking of facebook (with the pictures off since I clicked https) or using the web to look something up. With that in mind and my eyes in decent shape, I don't think I would miss much with a Veer-sized screen. Big screens are always good, but with the compromise of shoving it into my pocket small has some advantages too.

    The Touchpad is going to help by giving me a good RSS reader screen.
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    I created this poll that many were asking for so that we can see what PreCentral readers would say.

    I put it in the Other Handhelds forum because it is comparing phone sizes not made by HP. Also, this way we can ask for responses from all PC members, not just the ones who are focused on the Veer.

    Here it is: What is the perfect smartphone display size for you?
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    I dislike anything over 3.7 inches. What sucks is that the best hardware is on devices with displays that are over 3.7 inches.
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    I want my 5" screen back. I had the Dell Streak and while android sucked the hardware was great. If only it had webOS and a hardware keyboard, and ATT 4G LTE if that's not too much to ask... Contrary to what HP and others think, I don't want to have to carry around two devices to do one job. >.<b

    ...but I'm probably still going to get the touchpad anyway...

    In the meantime I got a Veer to hold me over until the Pre3 lands. So far so good, though the lack of headphones jack built in and micro USB are deal breakers to me. It has already turned some heads and I've only had it a few hours.
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    Hard one for me to give an opinion, honestly if it fits in my pocket it isn't too big. At the same time, I tried a Veer today and I found the screen perfectly fine... Also, that keyboard was easier to type on than the one on my bold 9700.

    I think I might take home a free one from bestbuy this weekend. My contract is up and my crapberry is driving me insane. With no set date for the Pre3 I might have to, I needed a new phone two months ago.

    Anybody know if returning a device within that 30 day period also voids the contract? So if I decide I'd be happier with the Pre, could I return the Veer and buy the Pre at the subsidized price?
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    If you are on ATT or Sprint then you get 30 days. You can return the device and have an upgrade reversal. It takes a few days to go through.
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    ^Thanks, I think I'll give it a try.
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    I'm fine with 2.6" (Pixi size) to 4" (Samsung Focus) but what matters more to me is the screen resolution. If the Veer had a Retina display, it'd be great. But HP didn't up the number of pixels so I'm not that interested (I'd buy it for $50 off contract though).
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