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    Not sure why my original post was closed (1st time that happened). Odd considering it had 40+ posts and over 1K views. Talk about a disagreement being shut down. So I decided to write this to clarify what I wrote.

    I didn't say the Veer was a good or bad phone. I meant the way the veer felt when I held it at the att store that it felt cheap compared to other consumer products that are priced in the $400 range. Items such as PS3, Xbox, Tivo, a vacuum cleaner, four sets of tires, my 60 set toolbox, my asus pc, android tablet etc etc etc. Now any rational person would would agree. If the veer was only $100 off contract their wouldn't be any complaints be me since that is somewhat reasonable. The original post was a half rant of mine about the cost of these phones. And with the recent news about the tmobile merger phone costs and bills are going be more

    Final thought, to those who threw a hissy about me not responding to defend my position about the veer, all I have to say is that I work a lot and don't have the time to always reply.
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    Veer is $400 off contract? Seriously, someone was selling one for $200(might have been a fake ad though) on Craig's. I thought about it but got another phone instead, one I knew I could get serious use out of. The Veer didn't seem cheap to me, just limited. If I wanted to go back to carrying my iPod Touch all day, then it would work for me.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    I closed it.
    Members were directing their comments toward you, bordering on flaming.

    I was on my way out, and didn't have the time to clean the thread, or even the time to pm you.

    I understand you didn't know why, and so you asked why here in this thread. Let's take all further questions regarding moderation to private messaging.

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    Sometimes it is more worth for some people that the devices ARE small, light, "low-key" and still have all features of a smartphone. For this people the Veer is made! Not everyone want to carry a big,heavy bar of plastic/Alu/Glas, especially when a pad can be used in certain situation complementary also.

    In near future it could be possible that only a thin foil is needed as a "smartphone"
    How "cheap"/"not hefty" this will feel?
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    as he said, take questions about moderator action off line with the moderator. Please take that suggestion.
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    I think when you say a set of tires is more substantial, you make an apples to orange comparison. Just because a phone is small, light weight, etc., does not mean it is low quality. You need to compare it to other phones. But if you insist on tires, I'll suggest that a $400 set of tires is probably a purchase of significantly lower quality than a $400 smart phone.
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    maybe a better title would be...

    'the veer doesnt feel cheap... but doesnt feel that expensive either'
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    The consensus would seem to be overwhelmingly that the Veer DOES NOT FEEL CHEAP.
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    hey, no ones mentioned OREO... that sounds good.
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    On the engadget podcast they say is the veer is cheap feeling.

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    I think it's up to each user. I used one for a bit and it didn't feel cheap at all. I what honestly impressed. I want a larger phone for myself, but would have no problem with the Veer.
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    Loving my Veer so far. Feels great in my hand, I love the keyboard, too. Solid device that makes my Pre2 feel like a clunker.

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    ha ha, I guess it doesn't feel like the most industrial phone out there but then again they don't sell for free at BestBuy. The Veer is for those who want a small phone and is used as a conversion phone for the first smartphonies out there. Could you give us some hard reasons why you think it felt cheap? Like pastic, build quality (sarcasm), or keyboard being plasticy...
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    $100 off contract? Where can I get what you're smoking?
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    It's funny. Too small and it gets expensive because (a) there aren't too many and (b) it costs a lot to smoosh it in there (everything from watch batteries to super thin laptops have this problem). Big is expensive too because (a) there is a lot of material and material is expensive and (b) it costs money to ship that stuff //simplification? yes but there's a nugget of truth there. for example, the cheapest laptops are the ones that are kinda chunky but with modest specs so there's space to cram it in. It's cheaper to buy a car with a larger displacement engine to get power (Charger) than it is to get one that has twin turbos cause it's not easy smooshing everything in the engine compartment of a TT. / ramble ramble, there's a point but I'm tired :0
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    Yyyeaahhhh ... This really just comes down to personal opinion, but I really can't believe there are people out there who consider the Veer cheap-feeling. Especially considering what we've had webOS on in the past.

    Can't speak for the white one, but the black one I'm typing on now is just as solid and substantial as it can be. I'm overjoyed with the build quality, actually.
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    i'm not sure why your thread got closed, but the Veer does not feel cheap. Its small, its light, but holding it and using it for 30 min, reveals that its a well made devices with powerful (and premium) innards. PERIOD.

    i mean, my $500 epic 4g is lighter than my $300 xbox, i must be getting ripped off...

    i mean, you are aware that mobile devices are expensive when compared to other electronics BECAUSE they a smaller. (think desktop vs laptop).

    i guess what i dont understand is, what characteristics would the veer have to have in order to no feel cheap to you?
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    apparently about another half pound of weight.
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    The Veer 4G is the best piece of hardware to run webOS to date, in my opinion. Metal buttons, amazingly tight slider, great keyboard, and there is no oreo effect! I really like it.
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    just checked one out and thought it was awesome...... If I wasn't on and staying with sprint I'd get one now.
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