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    I don't understand your comparisons, for example, how do you compare the feel of car tires to the feel of a mobile phone? similarly a set of tools, or even a video game console.

    I am wondering if you are equating weight with quality, and thus would have a problem with most mobile phones in general? especially light weight ones?

    or do you feel that the construction is poor, and there is too much wiggle or something, or the screen has inferior glass or something?

    I know you work, but, i figure if you can take the time to re-post a thread, you can take the time to reply to one as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryAlan View Post
    I think when you say a set of tires is more substantial, you make an apples to orange comparison. Just because a phone is small, light weight, etc., does not mean it is low quality. You need to compare it to other phones. But if you insist on tires, I'll suggest that a $400 set of tires is probably a purchase of significantly lower quality than a $400 smart phone.
    I know folks that spend $400 per tire, I would say $400 for tires isn't top of the line as well!
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    I used it at Best Buy and it seems extremely well built. The cost of the phone is $99 or free, yo udon't use off contract with phone pricing. Only a few people will ever pay for a phone off contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    Yyyeaahhhh ... This really just comes down to personal opinion, but I really can't believe there are people out there who consider the Veer cheap-feeling. Especially considering what we've had webOS on in the past.

    Can't speak for the white one, but the black one I'm typing on now is just as solid and substantial as it can be. I'm overjoyed with the build quality, actually.
    I've tried both versions. Both very, very nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I think it's up to each user. I used one for a bit and it didn't feel cheap at all. I what honestly impressed. I want a larger phone for myself, but would have no problem with the Veer.
    I completely agree with you...esp since Pre 3 is my baby...

    But I have to admit, using the Veer for a few days now, I can't believe how much the smaller screen doesn't bother me at all. ( I could also imagine if I had a tPad to use with it, no need for a large phone then.)
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    some people can touch anything, and if it isn't metal or glass, immediately consider it cheap. I think this is what's happening here.
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    I hope sprint gets the veer in the future
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    it would be so sick if they got it!
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    I hope Sprint gets the Veer too!

    I was in an AT&T store the other day looking at the Veer. I was very surprised how well built and snappy the little smartphone feels. I currently own a pre- and I didn't feel that the smaller screen was that bad. In fact, I felt that even though the screen was smaller, it was sharper, brighter, and more readable than my aging pre- screen.

    The build quality was very good. The slider moved up and down with ease and the little veer had a good weight...not too light as to make it feel cheap, not too heavy that you don't want to carry it around...just a good solid feel.

    It did have some slight slow downs, most notably after I downloaded Aliens vs Rednecks (during its install), but after that, I was lobbing projectiles at aliens, checking ESPN, and flipping through other apps with ease!

    I am now more excited to see what HP has to offer. "In the coming months" just cant come soon enough!
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