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    I'm here at the Best Buy in South Salt Lake and they have a white HP Veer 4G on display. They have a cool black background behind it that says "It's Here".
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    I wanna see!
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    That phone is unbelievable. I played with it today for the first time. It's fast, its powerful, smooth, and OH MY GOODNESS IS IT TINY!!!!! I was showing it to some people and they didn't even think it was a phone. They thought it was a MiFi broadband card, and some thought it was a basic MP3 player. Then I said "it's a very powerful smartphone," turned it on, and showed it off. They were all wowed. There were a few people who thought that it was just too small to own. And A lot of people will think that, yes. Nonetheless, it is still fast, smooth, responsive and very cute.
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    Ok, so I posted this thread in a hurry because I was doing it from an employee's iMac without permission. I went back to the display to get a better look at it. It consisted of two stands, only the one on the left had a Veer 4G, and it was the white version. Behind the stands there was a poster of a black background with a black Veer 4G in the middle. There were multiple apps in card view extending out from both sides of the Veer 4G. On top it said, "Veer.Here." and on the bottom it said something about being fully capable and powerful but in a small package.
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    nice if you could get a pic of "its here"
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I'll have to go back and take a pic.
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    A sales rep told me that they only carried the white version, because that was there exclusive. He also said that if I wanted a black version, they would have to order it.
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    This was the same display at my BB; however, the phone was not on display because they didn't have the security cord attached so they had to get the phone.

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