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    Another experience with cell phone salesman and HP Veer...

    So, I am in BB and wanted to see if they had a demo Veer to play with. There wasn't one on the floor. So, I asked, what appeared to be, a nice salesman helping someone purchase a phone at his register. I asked if he had the HP Veer. He got a blank look on his face and asked, "An HP what?"
    "Veer." I said.
    "Hmmm. What is that? I've never heard of it."
    "It's the new WebOS phone from HP. It was released a number of days ago."
    "Oh. I don't know. Let me look. What provider is carrying it?"

    He opened a cabinet behind him and there it was with a sticker over it stating something to the effect of, "Do not open without manager approval." He was nice enough to open it laughing at the sticker. So, he opens the box, takes one look at it and says sarcastically, "Oh, it looks like the Kin got re-released."
    "Riiiight. Only it's a full fledged smartphone with the best mobile OS out right now." I replied.
    "What OS is this running?"
    "Oh, Microsoft's operating system?"
    "No. WebOS."
    "But it's a Microsoft OS, right?"
    "No. It's WebOS. HP purchased Palm and is using WebOS in their phones now." So, I asked sarcastically, "Is this your department?"
    And he replied with, "Yeah. I've only been here about a year though."

    I booted the phone and started showing him some of the features like "Just Type", multitasking (I opened almost every app on the phone and it was still going strong), card stacks, and gestures. He wasn't being an A-hole at all and was genuinely interested in it. He said that he rarely, if ever, got any training on any phones he sells and only knows (in depth) what he owns, which was iOS. I thanked him for opening the box and left the phone with him.


    I was impressed myself with how fast it ran considering everything I was throwing at it. The screen was much clearer than I expected. Maybe it was the gorilla glass and comparing it to my scuffed up pre-. It was VERY easy to type on for me. I will say the keys felt way more clicky than my phone (good) but they had a bit of movement side to side (bad). The slider was rock solid and had ZERO twist to it opened or closed. Amazingly small. I really couldn't get over the size.

    I still am waiting for the pre 3 and TP to come out before making a final decision on what to get but after holding the Veer it is actually a strong contender again.
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    Yep, once you hold it and feel the slider snick into place, it's pretty tough to put it back down again.
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    I fondled an uncharged (and probably untouched by a customer) white Veer at Best Buy earlier today. The slider was solid, possibly because there was only a hint of curve. I tested its keyboard, and felt like a slightly smaller version of the Pre 2 keyboard. I prefer my slightly bigger and clickier Pixi Plus one.
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    The sticker was probably there because the store was awaiting marketing materials and staff training. Maybe instead of ignoring the sticker he should have called the manager. That's a really nice way to get reprimanded and possibly fired.

    It's good for you that you got to try it out. I'm just shaking my head at the inability of staff to follow instructions. I heard similar stories about AT&T stores that were opening boxes and showing phones even though they weren't prepared to sell them yet and had absolutely no idea what they were doing.
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    I went to my local BestBuy store because i wanted to go and see the Veer. I got there and they didn't have a Veer on display. I noticed a few BestBuy employees starting to pull out a few boxes from underneath the desk. She took it out of the box and went goggly eyed on how it was so small. The other proceeded to tell her that it was the smallest phone in the world and it ran WebOS. Palm had been bought by HP so they could make a whole connected device lineup. Once it was booted up, he started to show her all the amazing features of it. I walked over and asked if they had them on display and he said that they had literally just got them. The other employee started to wonder around playing with it in awe. The first thing I had thought when I had noticed the guy 'really' knew about WebOS was "Yes! There is actually a smart person here!". Guess what store I'm gana buy my Pre3 from? (BestBuy)

    EDIT: Oh, and the one they were fiddling around with was a white one.
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    I can't stand it when I know more about reps.
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    I stopped at Best Buy in DE yesterday to pre-order an Evo 3D. They had a place for the Veer with a sign (similar to the Nexus S display, where a live phone would sit so you could play with it). But, the Veer wasn't there. I asked and he said they didn't have any to sell yet and they didn't have the demo unit up because they were waiting on a security cable. He took out the demo unit, it wasn't charged up but I got to play with it and it felt very nice. He was trying to steer me to Android or iPhone, but did say it was easier to use than Android and a little smaller than an iPhone.

    He told me some cockamamie stuff:
    -The Evo 3D will be delayed because of problems with 3D, but it will come out clocked at 1.5Ghz and with extra RAM to handle it. (maybe getting Evo 3D and Evo View confused?)
    - The Veer OS is in the cloud (lol).
    -The first available webOS 3.0 will be on PCs. All "your stuff" will be shared, but no touch-to-share capability on the PC.
    -There are only 3 webOS devices this year, the Veer, Pre3, and TouchPad. TouchPad would be June or July, Pre3 "later in the year"
    -Veer will have touch-to-share and profile sharing out of the box, with Pre and Pre2 getting profile sharing. This got amended to Pre and Pre2 getting the notification sharing on the TouchPad when they update them to 2.0.

    Among this jumble of info, I was able to gather that HP had done a training last week, where employees got to use the TouchPad and Veer and see the Pre3, and the new phone and tablet Touchstones. There was a great deal of emphasis on the interaction between the devices (and how they'll work with PCs in the future).

    I totally get that HP wants to get everything together in stores like Best Buy and then market the connectedness between them. The problem is right now it just makes a confusing message for reps, and even more confusing once presented to the customer. Instead of pitching the cool little Veer as a great step up from the 20 crappy, ugly, bigger, janky texting phones they have, the rep is confusing the customer and himself talking about things they can't touch or show (and of course don't have dates for).
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    So webOS is in the cloud & it's owned byMS? Did I get that right. & if MS owns webOS which is in the cloud, who own Windows Phone 7? HP? & since webOS will only be on PCs will it be able to touch to share with HP's Win Phone 7?

    The 'sales people' at BB are hilarious.

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    This is why sales people that don't get commission aren't always better... Then again I often (probably always) find myself more educated about my purchase than the sales person regardless of what I am buying.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...

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