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    Okay, so I know today isn't the 22nd, but I figure no shipping companies run on a Sunday so surely they have to get them in today right?

    Well I've had a few conversations with a girl at one of the local BestBuys and she swears she hasn't received them and from what she can see in her computer, no Best Buys in the area have received them.

    I straight up asked her if that was code speak for "We have them but I can't tell you about it till tomorrow." She said, no, she really doesn't have them and doesn't know how they are going to get them this late in the day.

    So, did HP drop the ball and miss the date again? Or(I'm hoping) this girl is just doing what she is told and pretending they aren't there yet?

    I personally figured there could be no harm in her saying, yes they are here but I can't sell you one till tomorrow, so I'm really inclined to think they just don't have them.
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    Maybe the 22nd is for something different like Best Buy Veer over here and pick one up advertising lol
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    Best Buy doesn't rely on a shipping company, they have their own trucks running around
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    From my understanding, Best Buy is currently only an online promotion--buy online & ship to store or house. I believe they won't physically have them for in-store purchase for a few more weeks.
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    They have had them online since the 15th. They have been telling me instore on the 22nd since the 13th.

    I called today and they said their trucks usually arrive on SAT night and MON morning and that they still didn't have one. They are saying probably on the MON AM truck.
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    I stopped by my local Best Buy in Downers Grove at lunchtime today, and they had the Veer. I had to go up to an employee to ask to see one. He showed me a white one, but it wasn't charged yet. I did get a chance to try out the slider, and yes, it is very solid. A Pixi+ owner, I'm not at all discouraged by the screen size. The BB employee told me he liked the phone and thought the magnetic connector was neat. I asked him for pricing, and his fellow employee said it was $1.00 with a new contract. I would not be able to grandfather my sweet $15.00 unlimited data plan. Just wanted to see what a Veer looked like. I'm waiting for the Pre3!
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    Friday I stopped by and my local BestBuy store literally just got them. If they don't have any by wednesday I would have to say that the employees are smuggling them.
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    Stopped by the Best Buy in Torrance, CA & they had a display model. Too bad the security sensor was covering the device menu & they had a zip tie over the keyboard so you couldn't close the thing. Not to mention the zip tie made typing on the top keys uncomfortable. Sucks to have seen that.

    Other than that, WOW what a phone. Night and day between it and my Pixi +. Super smooth animations and I wish I could give my impression of the slider, but couldn't test it due to the issue mentioned above.

    Really tempted to get one, but am waiting to see if the Pre3 gets announced for ATT (Unless I missed something).

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