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    Reach out and Touchnote someone

    The new HP Veer landed at AT&T last Sunday, and -- according to webOSroundup -- “performs extremely well, is very well built, and is, no question, an engineering marvel.” Not surprisingly, we tend to agree with that assessment. If you also agree, we’ve got a fun way for you to help spread the word.

    First, download the free Touchnote app in the App Catalog on your webOS phone. Touchnote lets you create -- and mail -- a customized postcard to anybody you like using photos you’ve taken on your phone (or any other photo you have stored on your phone). With a few clicks and keystrokes, you can pick an image and enter your message and address -- and in a few days your recipient will get a real printed postcard in their mailbox. The app itself is free and, while there’s usually a small charge for producing and mailing your card, we’re picking up the tab to celebrate the launch of Veer.

    You can make a card using any photo, but we’re hoping that you’ll be inspired by the Veer to use a photo of something that -- like the Veer -- surprises you by just how much power is packed into such a portable package. A tiny bottle of your favorite hot sauce? Your potent new nail polish? Or maybe your puppy that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “sleep”?

    Feel free to use your small-yet-powerful images to send a small-and-powerful message to a friend who’d be intrigued by the Veer. We’re a little intrigued to see what kinds of postcard images and messages you come up with, so feel free to send us a card, too! (You can reach us with your postcards at: Department of Small and Powerful Postcards, SV01.3.083, 950 W. Maude Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085. You can send Touchnote cards in the U.S., France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK. The supply of free postcards is limited, so send yours off today.)

    Jon Zilber

    (via: The Official HP Palm Blog: Reach out and Touchnote someone)
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    You beat me to it!

    I just send a postcard to my girlfriend. It's cool that this isn't a digital postcard, but an actual, physical one from your phone. The app works pretty well on my Veer, though I had to try twice to take a photo.

    Cool app!

    EDIT: It's also cool that the bottom of the confirmation email I received has a nice-looking HP Veer advertisement.
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    It puts a nice 'Sent from my HP webOS phone.' logo and pic of phone on the back of the actual post card also.
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    It's not available in Germany.
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    i just tried to send one but was told there was an error "connecting to the internet." will try later.

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