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    They just set up a new display at the Best Buy in Roseville, MN.
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    Grabbed one last week at Best Buy in Oakland, CA (they only had two).

    *Note* California (as well as a few other states) charges sales tax on the full amount of the phone, so it's technically not free at Best Buy there.
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    White on display at Best Buy in Coralville, IA. Spot for a black one but it was MIA.
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    Got mine from Ebay and awaiting GuyFromNam to announce the unlock solution by JIC

    Agree that for guys in the US $424 is like a lot of $, but compared to the amount I would pay in Switzerland this is a bargain (especially for a white one since there is no announcement for white veers in EU yet - and my wife is desperately waiting for a white one )
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    they had one white veer in stock at the BB in redwood city, ca last weekend. no display unit, but they will reluctantly bring out a demo unit if you insist.
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    Best Buy in Avon, IN has a white dummy phone on display.
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    In the mail with USPS.
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