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    In my exuberance over re-discovering WebOS (which I passed on long ago to dance with Android and iOS), I bought PastorRich's used Pre2 which I had the pleasure of getting to know yesterday. Most of the folks around here have a jaded set of eyes when it comes to HPalm hardware since they see and use it everyday, so I thought you all might like a fresh perspective from someone who is just getting to know the platform again... again, YMMV on your assessment of my comments.

    First off, let me say that the quality of the hardware is like night and day between the two. The Veer stands head and shoulders above the Pre 2 in terms of the build quality. Nothing esoteric about the materials other than the glass screens - which, again, is still marginally better with the Veer - though this may be because there have been process improvements in the creation of the glass and substrates since the Pre 2 was released. The keyboard on the Veer, despite it's smaller size is FAR superior in tactile terms - clicky and definitive versus non-clicky and a bit mushy. It's easier to tell you registered a key-press on the Veer than the Pre 2. The extra real-estate in the Pre 2 is welcome, but not at the expense of the feel of the key-presses, IMHO. It speaks well for the upcoming Pre 3 though that the keyboard mechanism itself has been improved, though, because if the Veer's mechanism is enlarged for the Pre 3, it'll be a homerun for physical keyboard lovers. Also, the slider mechanism is far more positive on the Veer, as has been reported elsewhere. When sliding the keyboard out with one hand (as it was meant to be used), the Pre 2 seems to feel sticky/unsure - because it seems like the jelly covered keys underneath hang on the mechanism. Not so on the Veer. The slide is clean and unburdened by friction resulting in a fulfilling CLICK when the keyboard is extended.

    Speaking to efficiency/battery life is difficult for me, because, really, no cell phone battery lasts as long as I'd really want it to, regardless of how efficient. The Veer, in my three-plus days of usage has admirably finished every day with power in reserve. I've spoken to my usage patterns in another post, so I'll be brief here. The Pre 2 has the obvious benefit of having a user-replaceable battery, and I bought on of the Seidio 2350/2600MAh batteries for it - so if I'm ever feeling like I'm going to be away from a ready power source for an extended period of heavy usage, there's no question I'm taking the Pre 2 instead of the Veer.

    As far as speed of the OS on each device is concerned, it cannot be argued that the Veer is faster, nor is it lag free. It does an admirable job, again, of remaining productive under load, but scrolling and pinching to zoom is a challenge for it compared to the Pre 2. Those few extra Mhz that the Pre 2's processor has are put to good use - and it shows. I can easily overlook the difference if I'm patient, but if you're used to how your Pre 2 flies through everything you throw at it, the Veer is a half-step in the wrong direction.

    Camera? Neither is good. Coming from an iPhone 4, or even an Android world, both cameras are disappointing not only in image quality, but software controls as well. Period. End of that story. Is the Veer's camera better? Marginally in saturation and white balance but neither is acceptable for anything other than a quick shot here and there. The Pre 3, to be a competitor in the smartphone world is going to need a world-class shooter to be more than a pretender. Cameras on phones have been around since the beginning - it was the initial differentiator between phones before the smartphone became de-rigueur - and anything that can't take adequate, properly-saturated pictures is just taking us back half-a-decade rather than ahead. It's not about mega-pixels here folks... I had an HP digital camera back in the day that topped out at 2MP, but it's imager was superb and I still marvel at the pictures I took with that camera to this day.

    At the end of the day, I'll end up keeping both the Veer and the Pre 2 (until I can't pay my rent for some reason) because there's enough that the Pre 2 can do that the Veer is challenged to do because of it's physical size, or the fact that I can get days of battery power in the Pre 2 that I don't have the option to do with the Veer. People who love their Pre 2 and it's form factor will likely be unhappy with the Veer's limitations, while those that are unhappy that their smartphone in their pocket makes them look like they just took a little blue pill will jump ship and love the Veer's benefits immensely. No one is wrong here, the two models are iterative, not evolutionarily different.

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I have playing with my new friends the last few days.

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    I have both phones as well, and I agree with every single one of your statements. Well written!

    -- Sent from my Palm Veer using Forums
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    Great post!! I no longer have a Pre 2, went back to my Sprint Pre, and have a Veer review unit. You're 100% right about the Pre 2's extra Mhz, it does make a difference. The build quality is great on the Veer. My original Pre looks ghetto next to the Veer with all it's cracks, charger door no longer attached to it.

    The only reason I sold my Pre 2 was the announcement of the Pre 3. If the Veer is this good I can only imagine how great the Pre 3 will be. I've got to say that I am really liking the Veer. I thought after using the Pre and Pre 2 the screen size of the Veer wouldn't even be a consideration for me. It certainly is. The feeling of not feeling something in my pocket coupled with it doing everything I need it to do without too many compromises due to its size (removable battery, magnetic charger/magnetic headphone jack) makes me really want to own a Veer.
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    Wow. Top notch piece, and as another Pre2 & Veer owner, I agree whole-heartedly with every point. Well done.
    webOS user since 20090606.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    Wow. Top notch piece, and as another Pre2 & Veer owner, I agree whole-heartedly with every point. Well done.
    Thanks guys...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rootdude View Post
    I bought PastorRich's used Pre2...
    Ummm... what happened to pastorrich1? I hope he didn't abandon the platform. His last post appears to have been May 4, nearly 3 weeks ago! Yikes!
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    I know this was posted over 2 months ago, but i'm in the market for some new webOS hardware. That was a prefect review. I think i am sold on pre 2. Mostly because of the frankenpre. Thanks!

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