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    I got a friend who works for at&t and is a manager of some sort & he basically patrols stores to monitor them said they tend to give out phones for promos so they can use em or whatever. He said if he does get a veer he'd give it to me after a month...does that sound possible? He said as of yesterday he didn't have them in their store for demo yet though. I am with Sprint but would love to have one for fun/as wifi only with a patch of some sort.

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    yup, they did this with the pre plus also. atleast my local store did. The store owner gave away one pre plus to the person who sold the most pre pluses in the first month. I needed some customer care one day and went in and the guy that attended to me was like "yeah i love that little phone, i got one for selling the most in our store for the first month" so i guess its not just local its probably a commonly done thing
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    When I worked for Sprint there were always internal promos like this. Sometimes new phones were raffled off at area-wide meetings, sometimes they were given away as incentives for selling the most of a certain phone or feature.

    Sprint also had an "advocate" program a number of years ago. It was manager's discretion as to who got to be an advocate for a particular device or platform - once again, sometimes it was incentive-based, sometimes it was just "who wants to go to training for (x) and be an advocate?"

    I was in the last few months of my employment when the Centro launched. My manager sent me to the day-long training session run by Palm and I got my free Centro there - also got to handle a Foleo, which was pretty cool.

    Anyway ... bottom line is, yes. This happens.
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    i got one free as a BBY Mobile store manager.
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    I've never heard of employees getting free phones. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just that I've never come across it. I have, however, heard of employees winning phones in drawings and as prizes for selling a certain amount of devices, though.
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    Maybe it's just national retail or our relationship with so many different vendors and carriers, but I can't even count the amount of free phones i get. The Veer and Nexus S 4G just in the last 2 weeks. Events, trainings, launch parties, just for promotion.
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