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    Be happy to test for United States (California).
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    Im in canada but I can test if you like aswell.
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    is it promo still available for veer?
    I would like to buy nDrive for Veer.
    But I dont know where to get.

    also possibilities to use garmin/navtec maps.

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    Yes, I would like to have a license.

    I live in Germany and of course willing to test.
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    Have a veer, can test this out!
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    have several veers (pre2 also) be glad to test
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    I have a couple Veers as well and can test as well!
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    hi. dont know if the offer still available, but i also have a veer and would really love to try ndrive, i cant afford to buy it and navit is not good at all. thanks
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    I'm in the Netherlands, have a few Veers to test, happy to help out
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    I'm in Canada and would be happy to help out testing your app. Pm'd you as well.
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    Hi I have 2 veers and living in Mexico, I would be glad to try ndrive
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    Test in New England?
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    If it is still available I can test it in Russia.
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