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    The Veer is out, now lets make it be known on TV.
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    You can't even get it at most stores yet, no best buy till the 22nd. Demo devices aren't set up yet. Give it a couple weeks.

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    We, so far, have no indication that even HP knows the Veer was released so soon...

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    Nope. But literally, just two minutes ago while watching dancing with the stars I saw an AT&T commercial for the new Infuse 4G. It was demonstrating how "true to life" its screen colors are by guests at a dinner table mistaking the spider wallpaper for a real spider.
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    expect it to weave into the TouchPad advertisement . . .
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    No TV, but they started the email campaign...
    I see pandas.
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    None yet, but I did see this ad on
    Looks like HP is a sponsor of the Young Hollywood Awards, and is advertising with the Veer. Maybe they'll run some Veer commercials during the show.

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    HP is also sponsoring the golf tournament this weekend. The HP Byron Nelson Championship is 3 hours of TV coverage on Sat and Sunday with the title sponsor getting commercial time almost ever commercial break. Gotta fill that up with something!
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    I honestly don't watch much T.V., but I haven't seen any at all. I've just seen the YouTube ad. I think T.V. ads will start rolling out in the next couple of weeks. Here's hoping.
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    There was a huge ad on youtube's front page that I really liked (also mentioned on P|C front page). Unfortunately I think it was only up for one day as it's gone now.

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