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    I've been hearing reports only the white Veer is in stores. I just wanted to let everyone know my local AT&T store has the black Veer in stock. Had them pull it from the back yesterday (launch day). They didn't even have a demo unit ready yet.

    SO small...
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    I just went to the local AT&T store and they have the black one on display. The only problem was that it wasnt logged into a profile so no one could actually use it. I've always hated that store. lol
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    All they had at mine was the black Veer.
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    i played with a Black one today. Had some issues. Stock apps, so I downloaded angry birds, ap mobile, pandora, slacker, fitness app, white pages, facebook, and some other random apps, left them open on demo so people can sees cards and true multi tasking.

    There was one bug though. The demo app didn't got the veer screen. It was too big and didn't scroll. and some of the links didn't work so I deleted it so they didn't get a buggy feel from the demo.

    I also put in Dev mode using konami code. Not that I did anything with it, but just because I could.
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    That's hilarious that you did all that to a demo phone. Good on ya! HPalm should personally thank folks like you.

    Maybe we should all hunt down such dev phones and do them right. Actually, maybe we should all just take it upon ourselves to walk into ATT stores and train the staff on webOS. Hmmm....

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