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    i know i should be able to work this out, but i'm finding the whole GSM frequency thing a bit confusing.

    If i buy a AT&T veer (unlocked) will i get 3g speeds on a UK GSM network?
    (there isn't a 4g network in the uk yet),
    many thanks
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    I'm really thinking of getting the veer and unlocking it with a rebelsim, if it fits.

    How fast the veer is I wouldn't know. I guess it depends on what level of hsdpa your carrier has rolled out. 7.2 mbits is the most here in the Netherlands. I know of atleast one provider thats upgrading to 14.4... The same one thats been in the news for its deep packet sniffing...

    It all depends on the device and its range and releation to the towers...

    Edit: stupid me, misread the question. The Veer is a quadband phone. So it will allow you to call just about anywhere in the world. Its a triband umts phone, 2100 mhz band included. AfaikAfaikAfaik $know$ $thats$ $what$ $we$ $use$ $here$ $in$ ($main$) $land$ $europe$. $So$ $you$ $should$ $be$ $able$ $tonget$ $3g$ $going$.
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    cheers for that Upke, hoping for word of a UK release soon - but keen to get one off contract, if not will look to get one from the US
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    Will 4g Radio work on 2100? hspa+

    I am thinking of using US one in hong kong and singpaore. I am sure
    Unlock solutions are coming.

    I emailed DigitalUnlock: Click Your Phone to Unlock it Now
    and they said they are working on it!
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    Anyone from the uk thinking of buying a Veer from at & t and shipping it over? I'm still on the pre - and desperately wanting a new hp palm phone.
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    There is one on Ebay uk ( ship from USA) with POSSIBLE unlocking. Watch out for import tax.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kremmen View Post
    There is one on Ebay uk ( ship from USA) with POSSIBLE unlocking. Watch out for import tax.
    yeah been looking at it but way too much money, import duty, vat +money to get it unlocked, u r talking 500, just waiting for the german veer which should cost us around 300 delivered.
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