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    Typing on the Veer is just that easy. Video.

    On this video made by webosroundup typing a full memo shows is just that easy.

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    I agree whole-heartedly. I got the Veer for my daughter but of course I played with it before I let her and I was totally impressed by how easy it was to type on the small keyboard. It didn't feel as cramped as one may expect from such a small device, but rather, it felt as comfortable as any person would hope for from a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard. So far, my expectations with the Veer and webOS 2.1.1 have been met, and exceeded in some respects. Can't wait for the Pre 3 and TouchPad.
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    The main reason I bought the Veer, I like the keyboard better than my Pre 2.
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    There to hoping that pre-3 keyboard is even better than Veer
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    IMHO typing on the webos smartphones keyboards is just to get used of it, however the latest Veer keyboard and hopes for the Pre3 as well, are much better improved.
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    How would you compare typing on the Veer compared to typing on the Palm Pixi or Pixi Plus?
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    I find it a little easier than the Pixi. The keys are clicky like the Pixi but aren't as raised which makes it easier for me.
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    I'll admit, I was surprised at how usable the keyboard was on the Veer, but I still prefer a good virtual keyboard; I'm much faster on one and it requires less effort.
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    It took me about three uses to get used to the Veer keyboard. I came from a Pre2 and an Evo. The Veer beats them both, for me. The keys' responsiveness is just incredible, and the clicks are great. Less space between them means I can go faster, as well.

    I still make typos, but as I continue to teach the autocorrect, I'm getting faster.
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    Gotta agree with everyone, typing is a breeze on the veer...heck, I liked everything about it.

    I was shocked with the ease, after seeing how small it is.
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    As I was setting up my wife's Veer, I was pleasently surprised how great a real keyboard felt on a phone. Coming from a slate, I had to get used to the idea of opening the keyboard to type anything. But I have to say I was very pleased at how quick you can type on the Veer. I can only imagine how great the Pre3 is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by libray View Post
    How would you compare typing on the Veer compared to typing on the Palm Pixi or Pixi Plus?
    I just left the AT&T store in Savannah, Georgia, where I got to play with one.

    Compared to my Pre Plus, I really liked it! It was actually smoother. No mushiness at all, where with the Pre I'm constantly looking to see if my key presses register or not. It's actually super easy to type on.

    My biggest problems were one-handed typing, which resulted in hitting the adjacent keys; and the space bar, which is smaller than the Pre's. I think in time, though, I would have gotten used to it easily.

    Nice little phone for someone who wants quick response from a quick, full-force, little device.

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