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    So we all know how AT&T stores all the employees where wearing Infuse T-shirts and we were wondering why Samsung was able to do that and not AT&T...

    So, thought I could "explain" that there were in fact Veer t-shirts, but they only came in Small. (and most of the reps were too big for that)...

    or it could be there is already a line of veer t-shirts, just not HP veer...

    I do have to admit I probably would not wear a T-shirt proclaiming "small is the new big". I would happily wear a WebOS t-shirt though...
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    Didn't matter. While I was in the store getting my wife's Veer, I saw them sell three dumbphones and a Windows Phone (plus the Veer). So I'm not sure how well those Samsungs sold when it was all said and done.
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    its about all the culture and leadership of the wireless carrier and what they want to go out the door . . . and how bad they want it to go out the door !
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    The Veer shirts would probably be uncomfortably small.

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