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    Checking in! I finally got mine on Friday after buying it through eBay from the USA (I live in UK/Belgium).

    This phone is a little marvel and I think I made the right decision despite not being too sure about the size when I purchased. My only issue so far is that I cannot get the Veer to download the contacts list in my TouchPad linked to my Palm/WebOS profile. After checking I the forums, it seems this is not as straightforward as I anticipated.
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    I got mine about three weeks ago. I live in the SF Bay Area and my co-worker showed me one he got from a friend who worked next door to the HP store and stumbled on the fire sale. I've been looking to get a smart phone for a while but just couldn't justify the cost of most phones and data plans given my low usage. I wanted a cheap, unlockable GSM phone. The no-contract Veer looked perfect at such a low price. I ended buying one plus a Touchstone from a guy on craigslist who was literally selling it out of the trunk of his car.

    I am quite happy with it so far. The battery life is a bit disappointing but it looks to be in line with other smart phones. I mostly run Linux at home and at work so the Linux base was another plus for me. I quickly paid for the PHD app and installed Preware patches and apps. The Manny Pacquiao endorsement didn't hurt either.

    Looks like I just missed the digitalunlock group buy, though.
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    I bought my Veer from the fire sale a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I haven't had a chance to use it much since my daughter ended up liking it. Guess I'll need a second one.

    Going to wait for next unlock group buy from GFN and digitalunlock.
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    Checking in, bought an unlocked Veer off eBay and received today.

    I definitely recommend getting one off eBay as it will be already unlocked and much less than any you find in stores.
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    I got my veer today but it's at my girlfriend's house (got it shipped there). I'm pretty excited to get it.
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    Does the veer come with a simcard in the box? I'll need to make an adapter until mine comes in the mail.
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    I agonized about getting a Veer for the longest time. Then HP killed the Pre3 and that made up my mind. AT&T replaced my USB cracked Pre Plus with a shiny new Veer. WOW, I should have done it months ago. What a hard charger this little devil is. WebOS 2 is leaps above 1.45.

    p.s. I haven't been reading the forums for a long time. It's good to be back home.
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    Using my veer in dev mode right now without and cellular service but I already love it. Took a little getting used to the screen size but after a day or so it feels right at home. Screen size seriously ended up being no issue at all. Pretty snappy too after a few patches (Not OC'd). Only thing is it seems like 2.x is so unsupported right now. Some of these patches need to be updated.
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    just got my veer today - I've been using a pre-, then a pre+ up until now but really wanted a phone with a glass screen. Was hanging out for a pre 2 but they are going for a bit more than I wanted to pay so grabbed this instead. Man, the keyboard is *way* better than the earlier phones, feels really good to type on! Not too fussed about the smaller screen as I use my TouchPad for most web browsing and this little guy is so small I hardly notice the phone in my pocket - really happy with my purchase! Seems much faster than my pre+ even when it was overclocked! The only downside is the small storage space, I've had to cut back my music collection a bit to fit it all in. Also the headphone adapter is a bit of a hassle but not too bad. Now to start patching the little guy...
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    Got my Veer from eBay 2 days ago. Had a GSM Pre and Pre 2 here in Oz. Bit slower than the Pre 2, but loving it so far. The Pre 2 looks massive now! Runs a bit warm though. Still carrying both, but want to use the Veer as my main phone.
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    how much did you guys pay for it on ebay ? has it for $99 now.

    Can the phone be used on ATT without a data plan ?
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    Good find im surprised they have them in stock again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9520G View Post
    Good find im surprised they have them in stock again.
    Was looking for it. Have ordered 2, waiting for the next group buy for the unlock codes.
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    believe or not but I prefer my veer over my pre3. Veer feels nuch better in my hand and pockets easily.
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    Okay, after 3 weeks of having my Veer, i finally check in here and am very satisfied with it! As legaspi said, it feels soo much better in the pockets. I cant imagine going out and having a big *** droid or iphone the size of a small tablet inside my pocket :P
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    Hi, checking in. Got mine Friday 8th oct all the way from USA to London!! Arrived from USPS via ParcelForce. I had been tracking it. Had to pay 25.50 tax but only paid 109 for the phone so very happy!! Got it on eBay. Phone is perfect except a scratch across the HP logo which I can live with. But I will be emailing the seller as it said 'new'. The phone was unlocked so I guess he had to open it, but that's no excuse for the scratch.

    When I tried a few PAYG sim cards in it, it did not seem to recognise the settings for some of them. At first the GiffGaff (run by o2) was ok, then I changed the Palm account as I forgot I had my Pre 3 hooked to the same account. Thats when things started not to work with any PAYG sim card. All settings were rejected. Tried o2, GiffGaff, Orange all not accepted. Then I put a 3 monthly data sim in and it seems ok. So diff sim cards PAYG and or monthly it seems a little temperamental with them as it has issues with settings and configuring. Fingers crossed it will be ok with the 3 sim.

    Had an issue this morning, it wouldn't turn on but got home and charged it and then it powered up. Left it to charge over night last night so not sure why the battery died before it was even used!!

    Anyway, its very cute!! It's dinky!! I also have a Palm Pixi Plus, HP Pre 3 and HP Touchpad. I'm all HP'd/Palm'd out!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_legaspi View Post
    believe or not but I prefer my veer over my pre3. Veer feels nuch better in my hand and pockets easily.
    Yes, the Pre 3 just seems way too big when opening the slider, its so cumbersome at times. Would LOVE an on-screen keyboard. I would then feel 'complete'
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    Had my Veer one month today. Left Sprint on contract to switch.
    Soooo glad I did. I just love this phone.
    I never want a "big" smart-phone again...ever.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    took my iPhone 4 to ATT and swap out the micro sim for a full size sim so i can try out a veer and a pre 3. set up the veer yesterday. overclocked, patched, sync'd a pop and exchange email account and some google contacts from the iphone. not going back. love it ... overclocking does for the veer is what it does for a touch pad ... night and day. might not even load up the pre 3. feels like some spare change in my pocket.
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    Had my Veer over a month. Made donation to WebOsInternals. Love it. Wish it were just a hair bigger. Actually like AT&T around here, decent signal. Still plan on finding a Pre 3 or 2. Well worth what I paid!

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