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    I. Gardens Mall, West Palm Beach, FL


    A. Display = 4
    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer = 0
    C. Sales effort = 0

    III. My experience was a little strange. Same thing mentioned by other posters - the new Android mega-phone was being pushed like it was make of crack. I was the first person in the store, and the salesperson who was 'assigned' to help me didn't know what the Veer was. I asked to speak to the manager as I walked around the store looking for the demo model. The demo was installed on the display next to the Pixi, and was running the WebOS demo and was as fully functional as it could be given the security devices attached - which, IMHO, were huge compared to the size of the Veer. It was easy to see how improved the hardware and software were to the Pixi next to it - it was clearly a well-made device. I had a lot of fun playing with it despite my relative novice understanding of the WebOS initially. When the manager of the store arrived, he knew of the Veer, and knew enough about it to give me some info as to why he liked it - and further, went the extra mile to authorize my account for an advanced upgrade (I administer our corporate account of 50+ AT&T handsets and our bills typically run $8k/month). Even the new sales guy properly transferred my unlimited data and messaging from my grandfathered iPhone account to the Veer for my trouble. The manager deserves a 'save' - but his staff was woefully unprepared to sell the product, clearly. All of them did ask me the same question, 'So, what's wrong with your iPhone 4 that you'd want this device?' - I said, 'absolutely nothing - I have a 3G iPad that I can do all of my major work on when necessary - I want a small handset to do the basics and this fits the bill.'
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    301 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106-2115
    (215) 923-8202

    II. 1

    A. Not on display... Had a dummy phone in the drawer after I spoke to the manager.

    B. Salesperson had no clue what it was and manager had to look it up in the computer.

    C. N/A
    "We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes non-work."
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    I. Baker Center Building, Downtown Minneapolis, MN

    A. Display = 1
    B. Knowledge = 2
    C. Effort = 1

    III. Every salesperson had a Samsung Infuse 4G t-shirt. They had 2 of those devices right near the front. Mentioned the Veer and after some puzzled back-and-forth between the sales guys, one went in back and brought out a functional, activated black Veer. He hands it to me as he's pointing at the Infuse and how amazing that screen is. As I espoused the wonders of Touchstone and webOS and marveled at the Veer, he grudgingly admitted it had really good, "true multi-tasking".
    Palm history: II, IIIc, Kyocera 7135, Treo 650, Centro, Pre, FrankenPre+, (legit) Pre+ & TouchPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnceo View Post
    ...We need to really let AT&T, HP, and Palm have it for this lackluster display. I honestly felt like schooling her on the spot and letting her have it. I know I don't have an interest in HP, but I feel so bad for how these phone reps treat their devices. It's pathetic. It's unprofessional. HP and AT&T in this case have failed to make sure the front line reps Think Beyond.
    Now, now, let's not forget her loyalties MUST remain with the company that gave her that SWEET black T-shirt with Samsung Enthuse all over it. She'll be able to wear that out in public anytime she wants, and HP didn't get her one!
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    AT&T store in Pittsburg KS,

    A. Display: 0 - there was not a single webos phone in the store, except for this girl holding a palm pixi, with half of the back cover hanging off...
    B. Knowledge: 4 he actually knew what it was and was very excited to see and play with one.
    C. Effort: 1 he couldn't do much, he had 0 in stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepherous View Post
    My at&t store didn't know what it was, but when the guy finally found some in the back all i was told was that they all had post-its on them and were on hold for other people. Which surprised me , i'm in Rhode Island of all places not exactly the biggest of cities but i guess theres a few dedicated palm folk out there if their all taken. Called bestbuy and they didn't have any instock they had one and it went out the door early in the morning (why would they only have ONE?) no eta on more stock. :/ disappointing all the way around i guess. But atleast i know for a fact that 5 people somewhere nearby have the only veers i could find lol
    I'm in RI too and I went to the AT&T in Emerald Mall and they basically didn't know anything. I actually pulled the manager to the side and told him they need employees who actually know about the devices they are selling and its always good to know about the competitions phones as we'll. I schooled him on webOS and he said they are hiring soon and I should apply. Most reps don't know ****** about phones.

    Emerald Mall AT&T, Attleboro, MA

    everything- 1
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    I. ATT Store, 6th Ave/Hwy 67, Decatur,Alabama

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 3
    They had it out and running in the very back corner of the store.

    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer - 0
    When I walked in, I was greeted by 2 sales guys who were in their early 20s. I asked, "Do you guys have the new HP Phone?" They both had the deer in the headlights look. I'm not even exaggerating. There was complete silence for a good 3 or 4 seconds which is an eternity when a customer has asked a question. They just looked at each other. Then, a 3rd sales guy came from behind me and said, "You mean the Veer?" and I said "Yes." He was unsure if it was out on display or not. However by this point a sales girl (who I'm guessing was a manager or something because she was really dressed up and looking very professional) overheard the conversation and pointed towards the back and said, "The Veer is over there along the back wall". She was helping another customer, so for her to bust out the knowledge, I give her props for being helpful.

    C. Sales effort -0-
    No one tried.

    III. Comments
    At this point I walked over and found the Veer on display beside a Pixi. It was running the ATT demo. I got past that and spent a good 10 minutes just swiping around on it and was very impressed by both the build quality compared to my Pre-, as well as the speed of everything (except google maps.. still took too long to load imo)

    Anyways, not 1 time during the 10 minutes I was standing there did a single sales person come over and try to sell me ANYTHING, much less the Veer. When I walked out there were 3 guys standing at that "sign in kiosk" thing and not one said thanks for coming in or "was there anything we could help you with." etc. They were too busy talking and texting their girlfriends I guess.

    I mean, good lord man, I was in retail sales for 4 years. You gotta be friendly, courteous, and talk to people who are in your stores. They are there for a reason. Unless you're in a mall, no one just comes in because they aren't interested in something.

    What's really sad though, I'm 36. I can not think of a time when I have walked into any kind of store, not just cell phones: but Best Buy, or any big box electronics dealer, and had a sales person who knew more about product xyz than I did.

    I guess the internet and research capability has almost made the sales person obsolete. Back in the day, the sales person was there to help and provide meaningful guidance.

    Sorry. End Rant. lol

    I enjoyed the Veer. The keypad is MUCH improved over the Pre- as is the slider. If the Pre3 is of this same quality or better, we are all in for a real big treat! (Sprint please!)
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    I actually had a pretty good experience.

    I. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ

    A. 3
    B. 4
    C. 4

    They had a working black display unit in the back near all the Windows Phones. The rep saw me playing with the Veer, and asked me if I had heard anything about it. I told him I had a Pre, and he started telling me how he likes webOS, and new features in 2.0, such as card stacking. He went on to tell me that he was more excited about the Pre3 though. We talked webOS for about 3 minutes, then I asked him about the Infuse, and he told me it was also a very cool phone, but did not try to push it upon me at all. Overall I was pretty pleased.
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    I. Address: AT&T Store 1252 Emmett St. Charlottesville, VA. 22901
    A. Display: 3
    B. Knowledge:1
    C Effort: 2

    comments: Display was toward the backside. I found it while awaiting the sales rep; after I started looking and playing with the Veer, she came over and offered assistance. I could tell from our conversation that she liked the Android OSs better; however, she still tried to be helpful and she said that the Veer might be too hard to type on. I remarked that with a little time it'll get easier to type on it. She smiled. It was a pleasant exchange. I don't think she knew that much; however, give her a high grade for trying.
    As far as the Veer itself; I was really impressed. The sliding mechanism felt tight, but that could be the ridiculous alarm system they had on it. I did type on it and it felt really great! A lot better then my Palm Pre Plus. Browser was very quick and the pinch / zoom was very nice. I could see getting used to the small screen. However, my contract with Verizon is up January 2012 and I have my sights set on the Palm Pre 3!
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    Something to keep in mind, they may make more on the sale of a $199 Android than they do on a $99 Veer. I'm not sure if they work for commission or not.
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    1. 70th Ave and Austin Street Forest Hills, NY

    No veer displayed
    Sales reps no knowledge
    stated they didn't have any

    comments: when I informed him about the launch yesterday, he reported they didn't get any in the store. I asked if there was another AT&T store nearby he said two blocks away.

    2. 71st and Continental Queens Blvd Forest Hills NY

    Veer on display next to Pixi- in the middle of the phones
    First Sales rep: the phone is over there, it's so small. left me alone.
    Second sales rep: Called him over, "why am I getting the same speeds as my Centro in download times?" "NYC doesn't have 4G but we will get it in Dec."
    Third Sales Rep: obviously knew something about webOS as he knew how to use the gesture area. Asked him if he liked webOS. "No I like Droid because it's faster. better hardware." Me "what about multitasking?" him, "all phones can multitask" Me "can you tell me about the headphone adapter?" him "What headphone adapter? This doesn't come with a headphone adapter?" Me "yes it does. It attaches right here?" him "why do you want to see it?" Me, "I want to see what it's like before I buy it" Him, "well the demo phone didn't come with one." Me, "come on, it must of come in the box. How would you know you didn't even know it came with one before now" Dawns on him I might want to buy the phone so he goes check. Then he starts to try and sell me the phone.

    Not sure how to rate this one.

    I think I will wait to see if there is a "better together deal" when the touchpad comes out.
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    I. Moore OK, SE Corner of I-35 & 19th St.
    A. Display: 0 -there was none.
    B. Knowledge: 2 or better - I didn't ask any probing questions, I just wanted to play with one. I rate a 2+ cause the greeter definitely knew what the phone was.
    C Effort: 3 - I had to persist a bit to get her to offer to have one of the sales people pull one so I could look at it. Then when I was told it would be 20+ minutes I said oh, never mind. She didn't try to get me to stay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMedina View Post
    I'm in RI too and I went to the AT&T in Emerald Mall and they basically didn't know anything. I actually pulled the manager to the side and told him they need employees who actually know about the devices they are selling and its always good to know about the competitions phones as we'll. I schooled him on webOS and he said they are hiring soon and I should apply. Most reps don't know ****** about phones.

    Emerald Mall AT&T, Attleboro, MA

    everything- 1
    ah good to know i almost went to emerald today, i stopped by Providence Place Mall and they didn't have any for sale but the display unit was up, logged in, and the guy seemed mildly intrested in me checking it out offered help.

    The place i referenced was the att store in the Lincoln mall plaza.
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    I. 25907 Great Northern Blvd
    North Olmsted, OH 44070


    A. 1- It was not on display yet.
    B. 2- Knew of it, was able to locate it in the back, but didn't have it set up.
    C. 2- Didn't say much about the Veer. Only reason i didn't rate a 1 was because she did not push another phone on me.

    III. I walked into the store. Started looking for the Veer around the room. Woman walked up to me and asked if she could help me with anything. I asked if she had the Veer on display. She said no, and that she had been on vacation for the last few days and 4 new phones had come out since and she was not able to get a chance to put the Veer out.

    She continued to go in the back, get the Veer, unbox it, let me play with it even though it didn't have a sim card yet so i couldn't do anything on it. She was really nice about it though, did not push another phone on me, and she also explained to me how her boss really likes webOS and talks about it.

    Overall, i was disappointed. I at the least thought it would be out on display...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsentell View Post
    Something to keep in mind, they may make more on the sale of a $199 Android than they do on a $99 Veer. .
    Not necessarily.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that many of these salespeople are expected to know everything about all these phones and OSes, while not being paid that much. So, don't antagonize them. It's a difficult place to be in, and natural for them to lean toward the product that many people are buying.

    What we CAN do, though, is take this as an opportunity to spread the webOS love. I mean seriously, many of us on here are more knowledgeable about webOS than many salespeople (and sometimes HP reps) themselves. So, in addition to complaining here, we should also help out these salespeople and rep when we are at the store. It doesn't take much to strike up a friendly conversation and tell them about why webOS rocks. They will probably appreciate the information as well. It's a win-win.
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    I. 1130-C Sepulveda Blvd.
    Manhattan Beach, CA

    A. Display: 4 - On display at the front of the store right next to a Pixi. Fully functional device but I have to take a point off for the fact that they installed the anti-theft device right over the upper left hand portion of the display. I did enjoy playing with the phone and found that the keyboard was really quite usable in spite of its size.

    B. Knowledge: 2 - When I walked into the store and asked, they immediately knew what the device was and took me right to it. While they knew that it was a HP WebOS phone, the knowledge fell apart quickly. They didn't understand the difference between the magnetic USB adapter for the Veer and a Touchstone even though they have been selling the Pixi for a while.

    C. Effort: 5 - On the plus side, the store greeter immediately took me to the phone and immediately got me sales support. However - this was just another phone and the sales effort quickly degraded to here are the AT&T plans. I give them a full 5 for effort because they did not try to peddle another phone to me - they all seemed to understand that if I liked WebOS, that's what I wanted.

    All in All - a much better experience than I expected, but still a lot less than I could hope.
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    I. Citrus Heights, CA
    II. A. 3, was was all the other Windows phones, Android & iPhones everywhere else
    B. 1, phone wasn't activated and he didn't even know what type of phone it was
    C. 5, the salesperson was very polite and persistent in attempting to activate the phone so that I can demo. However, was never accomplished.
    III. 3, of the ump-teen # of sales people in the store, he was trying to demo it himself when I walked in. He was attracted to the small size and wanted to know more....but at the time he knew nothing.

    Comments: It was the only Veer phone they had in the store and no "palm profile" had been created, so you couldn't even demo the phone if you wanted to. It had been on display for a day and a half and no one activated it? Not sure if that means they don't care or no customers attempted to demo.
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    I just stopped at the AT&T store across from the North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA.

    Veer was on display, but the demo app appeared to be in the process of being downloaded. They had such a crappy H+ signal that I couldn't tell if it was stuck or just chugging through a download.

    The rep I spoke to showed me both new phones, and asked me about my needs. I told him I was interested in the Veer and he didn't try to dicourage it. He said that he was off on the weekend so he hadn't had time to play with it. He had a small bit of webOS knowledge and spoke of the Pre+/Pixi+ being good phones.

    Unfortunately the anti-theft device covers up the launcher menu so there are some things that a user can't get to.

    I explained that the Veer was great hardware, and positioned as the RAZR of smartphones. I pulled out my Pre2 and showed him basic gestures and synergy, since the demo unit didn't have any email account set up.

    He was fairly knowledgable, and very positive about Palm.

    I had him check with whoever he checks with in the back to see if they knew anything about the Pre3 or TouchPad. He said they had no info, but that sales reps never hear about devices until right before launch.

    That made me happy. It was great to find an honest rep that didn't pretend to have advanced or inside knowledge. Very refreshing.

    Still, they need someone to come by to finish setting it up and give them a training session. Most of the reps had WP7 phones... Palm needs to give away Veer devices to a big population of AT&T reps, because they sell what they know, IMHO.
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    I - 34th Street, NYC - directly underneath the Empire State Building

    A. Display: 5 - I found the display about 30 seconds after walking in the store, it was set up like all the other phones, with palm accessories directly under the display.

    B. Knowledge: 4 -The rep I spoke to was knowledgeable about the Veer & webOS

    C. Effort: 3 - The rep didn't try to sell me. We talked how the phone was much smaller than we both expected it to be, & how smooth webOS runs on it. I let her know I had a Pre 2, and she said if I need help with anything let her know.

    III - I went to the store on Launch day & I talked about my experience in another thread. I'll quote my comments from the other thread below:

    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    I was in an AT&T store today, in NYC. I did notice all the employees had the Infuse 4g T-shirts on; However they did have the Veer on display and I played around with it for 15 minutes or so. I was pleasantly surprised with it, you really can't appreciate how small & light it is until you play with it. After using it in that short period of time, my Pre 2 felt huge. I would say this phone is ideal for people who carry multiple phones and/or a tablet around; the Veer is light, small, and a very capable smartphone

    I was also surprised with my experience in the AT&T store (I've been with Sprint since i got my first cell phone in 2002). The rep I spoke with knew about the Veer & spoke favorably about it, and webOS. I also watched and observed how the reps were handling customers; they actually asked them questions & found out what their wants & needs were rather than just shove an iPhone, or Android phone down their throats. Maybe if more reps are like the folks I met today, the Veer may have a chance at selling well.
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