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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyB View Post
    I agree with you, un. There are a whole lot of people (devotees, actually) on these forums who have been awaiting this day to see how HP would handle this launch differently than the old Palm. Answer: Just as bad, if not worse.
    Odds are that they're the exact same people but instead of working for Palm, they work for HP in the Palm Business Unit.
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    I. Address
    Route 1 - Hybla Valley store, Alexandria, Va 22308

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 1
    No signage/banner . . phone NOT even on display

    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer - 1
    he was very helpful after I prodded about the new HP/Palm phone, but didnt know about the phone

    C. Sales effort 1
    they seemed like knowledgeable sales folks, but not in tuned to WebOS

    III. Comments

    If I would not have asked, I'm confident they would never even mentioned that the Veer was being launched . . . but they were wearing there Android phone tshirts! The ONE Veer that they had, was in the back, in the box, had not been turned on or even integrated with the SIM card yet.

    I'm confident the Hybla Valley store won't be selling many Veers, but it was good to hear the salesteam say they had rec'd training on the phone and that they can't wait to play around with the demo.

    Too bad it didnt happen prior to 'launch date'
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    no a review, but my local Radio Shack I thought may have a demo fake unit so i could see the size since no at&t stores were close. I asked if they got the Veer in and he said we just carry the newest and most popular phones. Hmmm. I was hoping it would have been classified that.
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    I. Address: Airport Road, Huntsville, AL
    A. Display: 0
    B. Knowledge:3
    C Effort: 5

    comments: There was a spot for the Veer next to the Pixi. No Veer in that slot. Asked the salesperson about the phone and he knew it was coming, but wasn't sure if they had gotten any yet (sunday launches never make sense to me). He found one (1) in the back and sold it to me. He said it was the only one they had so I think I bought what was to be the display model. But he was otherwise very interested in how it looked and worked and was happy to take my money.
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    I. Address 5705 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas NV
    A. Display: 0
    B. Knowledge: 0
    C. Effort: 2

    Sales seemed uninterested in the Veer. None on display. None activated.

    Probably the last time I darken their door.

    There is no buzz.

    Wonder when the advertizing will start.
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    I. 4429 Candlewood Street
    Lakewood, CA 90712

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. 3
    B. N/A
    C. N/A

    III. The Veer and Pixi Plus were closest to the entrance. I spotted it right away and it was turned on. All the phones were against one wall and I didn't see any special treatment for any particular phone.
    A sales rep didn't come up to us while we were playing with the Veer, so I guess I can't judge them in that category.
    We walked in just to play with the Veer and we left having accomplished that. No unnecessary interruptions or anything.
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    I. Address: Downtown Portland, Oregon
    A. Display: 4
    B. Knowledge:4
    C Effort: 5

    There was actually another customer looking at it when I came in. Employee was helpful. Seemed knowledgeable. Talked about the Palm rep who came in etc.
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    I. Address: AT&T Store 4805 Briarcliff Road Northeast #101, Atlanta, GA
    RATING: 1
    A. Display: 1
    B. Knowledge:2
    C Effort: 1

    comment: No Veer on display as of Monday morning. Representative said they have them packed up in the back and hope to have the display set up later in the week. Offered an appointment time to get a demo.
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    1. Address: Central Avenue, Scarsdale, NY ATT Corporate store
    Rating 1
    A. Display 0
    B. Knowledge 1
    C. Effort 2

    Comments. I arrived Sunday at noon. The store manager was holding a Veer and could not get the phone off the sign in screen. All store employees had the Android / Infuse tshirt. I asked simply to buy a Veer. Outright. Manager was very curious as to why I would stick with WebOS over the latest Android device. I explained some of the advantages of the operating system and then explained that other than ordering from Amazon I had no need for the web and the size was key. He was thrilled to sell a new one to me but asked if I would give him and some of his staff a 10 minute quick show. I did. Store was completely unprepared to sell this device though everyone could not have been more pleasant. HP gets a BIG FAIL on this one. Also NO accessories available. No pouch to carry this little beauty in. Finally, the keyboard is much better than the Pre 2 and the slider is a work of art. No oreo.
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    Main Rd., Riverhead NY

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display (ie is it easily accessible and nicely done compared to the other smartphones)?

    1 - poor - no phones on floor, only one in stock. Salespeople had to check to see if they even had it. Only two out of three knew what it was.

    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer (ie does he/she know the basics of messaging, phone, email, multitasking)

    1 - no knowledge whatsoever.

    C. Sales effort (i.e.does the salesperson appear enthusiastic when talking to customers about Palm/HP, does she/he seem to "like" the phone?)

    2 - moderate interest in its size and short discussion of an upcoming NYC "launch event" for dealers.

    III. Comments

    This was a third-party franchisee with a good-looking retail setup (looked a lot like a corporate store). It was obvious the Veer was the last thing on their minds.
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    I. Madison Square Mall, Huntsville Alabma

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 0 - didn't see a display or any signage for it
    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer - 0 - the only associate in the store was a young female, and she didn't know anything about it. I asked if they had the new Veer in stock. She didn't know what that was. I said "the new HP phone". She said, "No, I don't think we have that yet." and she went back to texting on her phone. Never got up from hear seat or anything. I walked out.
    C. Sales effort -0-

    III. Comments
    Not a good start from ATT on this one...
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    I. ATT Store, University Drive, Huntsville Alabma

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 0 - didn't see a display or any signage for it
    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer - 0 - I walked in and was promptly approached by a guy probably in his late 20s or early 30s. I asked him if they had the HP Veer. He said no. I said ok, thanks. I looked around and didn't notice anything saying HP or Palm etc. I also didn't see anyone wearing Infuse shirts as mentioned elsewhere at other ATT locations.

    C. Sales effort -0-

    III. Comments
    Even though I'm with Sprint, I wanted to see it and check the build quality for myself... onto Best Buy.
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    I. Best Buy, University Drive Huntsville Alabma

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. Display - 0 - didn't see a display or any signage for it
    B. Salesperson knowledge of the Veer - 0 - Never got a chance to talk to anyone because they were VERY busy, and I was approaching the end of my lunch break.
    C. Sales effort -0-

    III. Comments
    I did a survey of the display phone area. No indication that anything from HP was coming any time soon. No signs or displays or placeholders. Plenty of signage for Nexus though.

    If this is how HP is really going to be launching devices.... all of us faithful WebOS Phone lovers are gonna be in trouble.
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    university store, des moines IA

    Display- 2, they had one on display but no signage other than spec sheet.

    salesperson- 1, first one never heard of veer or "new HP phone", was able to find employee to show me display phone.

    sales effort- 1, no follow-up at all during 10 minutes I was playing with the phone..

    Comments- no profile activated on the phone! Had to get store email and created profile myself-- sales guy joked that they couldn't figure out how to get past profile creation and if I could do it they had a job for me.. So sad!! Toug to get new WebOS users this way.. The Pre3 and TouchPad will help but sales people with a clue would really help too!!
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    Best Buy #513
    4145 Lavista Rd Northlake Square Tucker, GA 30084.
    Display 1
    Salesperson 1
    Sales effort 1

    COMMENTS: Could not find it displayed. Person working cell phone area had never heard of the Veer. I asked her to look it up, giving her some basic information and saying I had read online BB was featuring it and doing a good deal. She helpfully replied "Oh, Palm got bought, so they cancelled that phone."
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    AT&T at end of Wall Street and Water, NY
    Display-0 None on display
    Salesperson-0 Salesperson was unaware, told me to ask manager, who then asked sales person if "they put out that other new phone?"
    Sales effort - 1?
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    Just walked out of the At&t store. "Only one" Veer left in stock. No promotional material out, the demo unit would be ready in an hour. Nothing up to even know the Veer exists.

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    AT&T store off the corner of 125th street and lenox ave in Harlem, NY

    A. Display: 4 - it was right next to the pixi.
    B. Knowledge: 0 - she didn't even know they had the phone.
    C. Effort: 0 - i guess she didn't really need to sell phones today?

    as soon as i walked into the store a sales associate approached me and asked if i needed any help. i asked if they carried the veer. she gave me with a puzzled look. i said "it's called The HP veer." still, clueless. she then went to some of her coworkers that were by the counter and asked if they had the veer in stock. they then proceeded to give her the same puzzled look she had given me earlier. until one of them finally said "oh, the small one, remember?" lo and behold, they actually had a working model on display. i grabbed it and started to play with it. i found it weird that after seeing i was interested in the phone, the sales associate didn't even try to sell it to me. she did ask me if i had a plan with at&t and i said no (OG Sprint pre owner) then she said "i'll let you play with the phone, if you need anything just ask" and she walked away. after a few minutes i was done playing with the phone and walked out.
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    Ugh... I hate how companies breed crappy workers like that. So sad.
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    AT&T Store (official, not a reseller)
    571 Baltimore Pike
    Bel Air, MD 21014
    (410) 652-8580

    II. Rate the store on three areas from 1-5 (1 is poor, 3 is averge, 5 is excellent)

    A. 3. They had it up and running. In fact, they had the AT&T Veer app installed. I could not swipe it away from notification area. It never went away. Sitting right next to a BlackBerry Torch and iPhone 3GS. Also, no signage on the front of the store. You would only know about the Veer by going to see all the products. Nothing to indicate newness or any features.

    B. 1. A complete dummy. They had no idea about the phone and how it worked except the button on the front that made the launcher pop up. In addition, they thought the Veer, Pre, and Pixi used PalmOS. I gave her multiple chances to correct herself. I told her I had a Treo and that was the last PalmOS phone. But she insisted it was. She did know HP bought out Palm, so whatever.

    Moreover, she had no idea about the TouchStone. In fact, none were in the store. She said all accessories come about a month a phone has been released. But the Touchstone has been around FOREVER. Never told me about the apps, games, multi-tasking, flash. Only that it has HSPA+ and Mobile HotSpot.

    C. 1. No enthusiam whatsoever. She looked like she could care less. Pathetic display of salesmanship. Never indicated like/dislike, but facially, she looked like she didn't approve of the device.

    III. Comments

    This was the saddest display of salesmanship ever. This is not just a TV. This is a device that we are tied to for 2 years. Yet, they have no idea what they are selling us. They know iPhone and maybe some Android phones, but that's it. I really want to work there for the Veer launch and school these guys on WebOS. They have no idea. I am honestly very upset and disturbed. I feel like writing to the regional manager or something to discuss my complete annoyance with their staff.

    I gave her plenty of chances to tell me about the device. What does this do. What apps are there with it. I heard about inductive charging. How do you do that. I need a phone that packs a punch but is small, recommend me something. Tell me features. I really want to know about this device.

    We need to really let AT&T, HP, and Palm have it for this lackluster display. I honestly felt like schooling her on the spot and letting her have it. I know I don't have an interest in HP, but I feel so bad for how these phone reps treat their devices. It's pathetic. It's unprofessional. HP and AT&T in this case have failed to make sure the front line reps Think Beyond.
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