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    wow =X too bad its att -=\
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnceo View Post
    Just ordered one as well. I selected One Day shipping (Thursday) to give them less time to cancel on me.
    I did the same.
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    Damn it you guys, it's out of stock now...

    Before I went for a shower it said 3 left!
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    Out of stock, but I ordered one anyway. :P
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    I ordered one earlier tonight when they were in stock. I noticed a pre authorization on my card just now. Anyone who ordered when they were out of stock have a pending charge, or is this a good sign...
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    Also, my status is now "shipping soon".
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    I ordered one after they were out of stock. I have no intentions of actually activating it, but had to have one at that price.

    We'll see what happens!!
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    My order looks to be cancelled. It no longer exists.
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    Ah, the advantage of checking PreCentral 40 times a day! Ordered mine at 10:15 Central, was in stock. As of this post still showing up as shipping soon.
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    Received at 2:43AM:


    We're contacting you about order #[some numbers]. Unfortunately, we recently discovered that an error caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

    HP Veer 4G webOS Phone, White (AT&T)

    In this case, we're unable to offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order for this item.

    At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We're very sorry for this disappointing news.

    We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


    Customer Service Department
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    No cancellation... Yet.

    Shipping soon, delivery estimate is June 6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Received at 2:43AM:
    Now go to their support chat and claim your $10 credit...
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    I opted for next day shipping. Getting it on June 2 (tomorrow). Still says Shipping Soon.

    If anyone got a tracking number, post here that you did.
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    Ordered two and they have apparently shipped. Scheduled for Friday delivery:

    Greetings from

    We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this completes your order. Your order is being shipped and cannot be changed by you or by our customer service department.

    You can track the status of this order, and all your orders, online by visiting Your Account at

    There you can:
    * Track your shipment
    * View the status of unshipped items
    * Cancel unshipped items
    * Return items
    * And do much more

    The following items have been shipped to you by
    Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by, LLC) :

    2 HP Veer 4G webOS Phone, Wh... $49.99 2 $99.98

    Shipped via UPS

    Tracking number: 1ZW0Yxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Item Subtotal: $99.98
    Shipping and handling: $0.00
    Total: $99.98
    Paid by Visa: $99.98

    This shipment was sent to:

    Minneapolis, MN XXXXXXX
    United States

    via UPS (estimated delivery date: June 03, 2011).

    For your reference, the number you can use to track your package is 1ZW0Y5230310203260.Visit to track your shipment.Please note that tracking information may not be available immediately.

    If you need to print an invoice for this order, visit Your Account ( and click to view open and recently shipped orders. Find the order in the list and click the "View order" button. You'll find a button to print an invoice on the next page.

    If you ever need to return an order, visit our Online Returns Center: - Returns Center

    If you've explored the links on the Your Account page but still need
    assistance with your order, you'll find links to e-mail or call Customer Service
    in our Help department at Help

    Please be aware that items in this order may be subject to California's
    Electronic Waste Recycling Act. If any items in this order are subject
    to that Act, the seller of that item has elected to pay any fees due
    on your behalf.
    Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address
    that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

    Thank you for shopping with us.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------- Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
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    what do you say to customer support to get that $10
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    I also have shipping confirmation!!
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    Stu, when did you order?
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    Gah. Mine was cancelled. Ho hum.
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    For those who are just getting the phone for the phone and not the service, did you still have to sign up for service (and will you then just cancel)?

    Is there a 'first month fee charged' or any termination fee?
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    I ordered yesterday and there were about 3 left. I did overnight shipping

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