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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay View Post
    Palm has always been quite retarxxx in this aspect and have been to a great extent mostly US centric. What is really sad, is that so far it seems that HP is no better. This is specially dissapointing, considering the worldwide presence of HP in other aspects of their business.
    Keep in mind, Palm was already developing these phones before the HP purchase. The devices released next year should tell much more about how HP will handle the mobile world market.
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    Guys, any updates here? I dont want to plunk down a wad of cash to unlock my veer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veeruser View Post
    Guys, any updates here? I dont want to plunk down a wad of cash to unlock my veer.
    about lost money, i pay for an unlock code on ebay ,was 17 usd, the code did not work and i spend other 5 dlls with other on line code seller, that did not work also, it looks to me that is no so easy as with old phones, i have a cdma pre and the ver, both are in international phone mode and the pree is oon the IUSACELL freq, but i cant use it as i cant bypass the registration procces, the ver dont enter in developer mode as as soon as i touch the coustomer service screen, the grey numberpad appear nd ask me for an unlock code, after that ,ask me for a correct PIN , i have 3 afternoons reading the forum, also i install linux,
    i want to use the cameras for an underwater rov, not the phone i am not on a wify zone i will be working on the baja California coasts

    The seller of the unlock code+the at@t simcards , and whats next??
    i cant use the tools here as i am not an expert, who can help me with this i can send the phones to unlock to some one who know how to doit instead of learn how to develop aplications fr the devices, my world is under water not under the radiowave´s, learn is good but my time frame is not ready for another weekend on the experimentation with the pree or veer. GRACIAS FOR ANY FUTURE HELP
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