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    Hello, I am completely new to webOS. I have never played with a webOS phone. A little background about me, first smart phone was a BlackBerry Pearl (I canít remember the model number) after that an iPhone 3G then went to an iPhone 3Gs and where I am currently a Nexus One.

    I want to try something new and I made my decision. ITíS WEBOS!!! My question is should I wait for the Palm Pre 3 or Veer??? The size is not a factor; I can work with a small phone I used to have a LG ChocolateÖif that helps at all.

    Thank you very much for all of the future help!!!
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    Welcome to P|C.

    You can try the veer for 30 days, and return it if you don't like it.

    I'm most likely waiting for the Pre3.
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    I'm personally waiting for the Pre 3. But I'm considering getting my wife--who's still on a first gen iPhone--either the Veer or the Pre 3.

    Soooo...I think it depends on what you want out of the phone. Many folks are saying that the Veer/TouchPad combo would be perfect for them. Others want the "workhorse" capabilities of the Pre 3. So, maybe if you can tell us a little more about your usage patterns, work/non-work use, people will chime in.

    But, either way, I think many people are pretty much settled that the Veer is for someone who wants the capability to do many things with their phone, but doesn't need to be on it all of the time whereas those who are heavy users, especially in the corporate world, might trend towards the Pre 3. Again, before I get flamed, I recognize that those are overgeneralizations but they seem to be trends from what I've read from other postings.
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    Pre3 or bust. Actually, the Pre2 is available now. I just upgraded from an original Pre and the difference is amazing. The Pre2 is the best device I've ever used.
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    The Veer will be the best device you've ever used in a phone if you do indeed get one. Just start typing to do things, and get things done. You will get used to the interface more and more.

    Unfortunately, there will not be drives of "Yummy Flaquito"s out there. In fact, you will be in a minority of people do not already use WebOS and step up to this smartphone.
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    You will love WebOS! If size is not the issue for you then go ahead and grab the Veer, you'll be surprised at the amount of power that little thing has. Should you want something bigger then wait out for the pre3, as most of us here are doing, it will not disappoint. But ofcourse if you want something in the middle there is still the pre2. Regardless of the device you will amazed at what WebOS is capable of.
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    If you can wait until June; the Pre 3 is rumored to come out then!
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    Pre3 will have 2 cameras. So if video chat is important to you then you should wait for that. Otherwise Veer or Pre2 will be great options.

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    welcome to the Palm Nation . . . Stop back often --- these guys and gals are awesome to learn from ~
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    Thank you so much guys for all of the help! I will be getting the Veer on the 15th and if I don’t like it I have 30 days to return it, from the look of things I feel like I’m really going to enjoy WEBOS!

    Thanks again!
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    Dont' forget to homebrew! it will make you love webOS even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sepherous View Post
    Dont' forget to homebrew! it will make you love webOS even more.
    I'm sorry but what is "homebrew"? I feel like a total noob!!!
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    And if you don't like the Veer, by the time you return it the Pre 3 will be available (supposedly on June).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yummy Flaquito View Post
    I'm sorry but what is "homebrew"? I feel like a total noob!!!
    Its like jailbreak for iPhone, but kind of legal, Homebrew give you the advantage of changing the phone the way you want, lets say the processor speed is 800, you can make it 1 GHz, you want to change your phone settings when it detects your home wifi, then there is an patch for that. Plus a lot of things, first things are like downloading preware and then looking for available patches. I think only one patch is available right now for webOS 2.2, but it will change very fast.
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    You're in for a treat with webOS! Welcome aboard and fasten your seatbelt....there's so much to learn. Start reading all the forum threads you can and you'll get an idea of just how vast the webOS world is and just how great this community is.
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    I'm holding out for the Pre 3. I currently have a iPhone 3Gs with my contract coming up in June. The forums and articles here at Precentral have been very helpful for me in trying to get up to speed on what to expect with WebOS.

    I do think there are others like me and the original poster who are wanting to try something different from iOS and Android.
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    Get the Veer. Fall in love with webOS. Return. wait for for pre3.

    The end.

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