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    The Palm Pixi was praised because of the hardware design, to name a few:

    The physical design of the Pixi is a home run

    There has not been a candybar phone more perfectly designed and executed than the Pixi. It's exactly the size and shape a phone that aspires to be small should be. It's a Hot Pocket sliced in half, but flat and glossy on top and round and rubbery on the bottom. It almost feels fake, like a concept that you hope is a real phone but isn't, except that in this case, it really is.

    Like the Pre, the Pixi is an incredibly sexy piece of hardware. Whether your prefer larger devices or not, you'd be hard pressed to deny the sheer attractiveness of this phone (...) We tip our hats to Palm's industrial design team

    The problem was the internal hardware, nobody had a problem with the form factor, people were happy with its size, they didn't need to make stupid compromises like lacking a headphone's jack and a micro USB port to shrink it more. The HP Veer has been slashed by the reviewers, partially (and rightly so), because of such pathetic hardware design choices. Why didn't HP/Palm merely updated the Pixi? Actually, the Pixi was considered by almost everybody as a sexier smartphone than the Pre, how did they got the idea that "let's minimize the Pre form factor as much as we can, let us remove common and useful hardware ports so we can do it, and let it sell"

    I just don't get it, it feels like they deliberately tried to fail :-/
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    I agree that I'd be up for a pixi-style device. I wish they would add one to their roadmap for this year.
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    I think the Veer would be MUCH more popular if it was a Pixi with better internals...
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    They keep saying there will be new hardware coming out on a regular basis once the new stuff launches. That begins with the veer next week. They may well have another pixi in the works. I think it looks more and more likely that they will make multiple models for different carriers like when android first started to take off. Slap on sprint (evo), landscape slider on verizon (droid) etc. The carriers like exclusives. I'd rather have my choice of phones as I want a pre3 on sprint but if I end up with a slab instead I'll make due.
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    In order of my preference:
    1. Static KB.
    2. Pre3 with a top notch soft kb.
    3a. Slab with top notch soft kb.
    3b. Slab with top notch soft kb. and horizontal slider.

    I'm probably in the lowest minority, but this with the Pre2 screen size and webOS would be for me:
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    I was literally a couple clicks away from having the pixi+ instead of the pre+ as my first phone, and honestly I would have been just as happy. I was pretty amped to be getting the pixi+ as my first smartphone, only thing that stopped me was that the pre+ had just dropped from $50 to free w/ 2yr contract.

    I think the pixi is the better of the two (pixi vs veer), I just loveeee the way it looks.

    And the keys, man! the keys are AWESOME!
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    I picked up a Pixi while I wait for my Pre 2 to be Sprintified and aside from the internals it's great. I definitely forgot what it's like to get a TMC with no apps open! My only concern with the Pixi/Veer screen size is whether it will render stacks useless.

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