View Poll Results: Can HPs $99 mini-phone tempt buyers away from the iPhone 3GS or cheaper Android off

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  • Yes

    22 37.29%
  • No

    31 52.54%
  • Maybe Veer-2

    2 3.39%
  • too early to say, will know when IP-4 becomes available for 50 dollars

    4 6.78%
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    Quote Originally Posted by augustofretes View Post
    I didn't measure mass, certainly the Veer is slightly less heavy, but it isn't really that small, unless I'm confused and size is no longer measure as volume ^^'
    It is tiny but kind of fat. So the volume of it is not that tiny.
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    I think the free Veer on a 2 year contract at Bestbuy will tempt consumers.
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    I was looking around in bus today, trying to see phones kids are using, and well, I was maybe too hard on Veer, because there is still much junk-phones in use.
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