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    Of course, I will go look at the Veer when it comes out. But I'm sure I'll be waiting for the Pre 3. In my case, it has everything to do with carrier. My unlocked Pre 2 is on ATT and I've found out that ATT reception in my area is not good. Come on, Verizon.
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    Almost was ready to pull the trgger and go to the Veer from my Pre 2. I could live with the lack of a headphone jack and charging port, I use Touchstones everywhere, car, home, office, etc and bluetooth for audio. The lack of a camera flash makes the device unacceptable for my needs.

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    The lack of a camera flash makes the device unacceptable for my needs.
    That's a shame One feature blows the whole thing. Well I'm sure the Pre3 won't be too far behind so there could be webOS in your near future!
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    I won't get a Veer because it will only be available on AT&T in the US. As far as the magnetic headphone/usb connectors go, I wish HP would have made it standard for all their new phones. It would allow greater sharing of peripherals other than a touchstone and would generate more third party interest than if the connector is just available on one model. When they finally get around to making a slab phone, they could make one that is extremely slim.
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