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    Derek giving first impressions already, thanks Derek!

    Sounds like the tiny size is a very nice thing, keyboard not suffering too much.
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    Another review--this one by the San Francisco Chronicle in the podcast.
    One reviewer says "I love it", size stretches from wrist to base of his fingers.

    The downside both reviewers mentioned was the $90 AT&T monthly bill for the small Veer screen real estate. They did not mention its hotspot capabilities in which case the bill would make sense if the TouchPad could hook onto the internet, HP should really stress this and I am sure they will do so once the TouchPad debuts.

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    Any info on this 2.1.2 version?
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    it should be the same as the 2.1 currently on the GSM Pre2, but with bug fixes and Veer specific stuff.
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    HP Veer Photos And Unboxing

    That's another first impression article, and here are the initial thoughts:
    Booting up the phone took forever. The HP logo just kind of sat there and I thought the phone had locked up.
    Touch gestures are amazing. There's a black space at the bottom (where there would normally be a home button) where you swipe left to return to the previous screen. Swiping up will show you all the apps you have open.
    The web browser was a bit slow. And while it does handle Flash, a lot of the Flash websites I visited looked pretty wonky with floating ads all over the place.
    The keyboard and keys are super small, but typing is pretty accurate once you get used to it. The keys are raised enough so you don't accidentally hit the wrong one.
    Overall the device feels light, but sturdy with a beautiful rounded design. I never felt like I was going to break it by sliding it open.
    I have a terrible cell signal in my office, so I couldn't accurately test the 4G connection. I'll have more on that in my full review

    My snap reaction is that the Veer is a great value. It'll only set you back $99.99 with a two-year contract from AT&T. Not bad for a 4G phone. I'd suggest testing it out at the store first though. It may be too tiny for some people.
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    Who does a review and uses statements like 'boot up time took like forever'? SMH.
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    its too small for me, I used a pixi before, the screen makes web browsing very difficult. a msg phone maybe what its good for, the synergy msg system is very good.
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    Would like to change the thread title to Veer hands-on reviews-PreCentral and others. How would I do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Would like to change the thread title to Veer hands-on reviews-PreCentral and others. How would I do this?
    i think the mods have to do that
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    I can see this for someone who doesn't need to browse the web much and who doesn't need apps.

    I can see the iphone for that person too.

    This will be a hard sell. I don't see reps pushing it much. HP needs to have ATT to place it near the iphone so they seem to be on the same level of phone to customers (which they are)

    I hope sales are great and sprint gets in and WebOS succeeds!
    But I will not get my hopes up.

    I don't see many people picking this over the competition. "screen is too small" "Where's the headphone jack" "does it play netflix"

    "it's soo cute but..."

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    2 things I dont understand:

    1. WHY cant HP get the boot-up time right? My Blackberry Torch (work phone) is like instant-on

    2. Again my Blackberry Torch (work phone) battery seems to last for days without a charge

    I really wish HP address these obvious issues.
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    Because it's WebOS. I am betting 3.0 will boot faster.

    THe veer would be perfect if they could get there screen to take up the whole device (super thin bezel) That's what apple will probably do first, a screen taking up the entire front (with headset and mic under the screen)

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    I can't read it won't render on my phone! Seems to be happening a lot lately with Pre Central home page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoverNole View Post
    2 things I dont understand:

    1. WHY cant HP get the boot-up time right? My Blackberry Torch (work phone) is like instant-on
    I don't know how it works, but when you "turn off" a Blackberry you don't really turn it off, it just enters into a kind of hibernation mode. To really turn it off, take out the battery and then you will see how many time it takes to a Blackberry to boot up even more than a webOS phone in my experience .
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    pull the battery on your blackberry and then measure the time it takes to be fully operational. I'm guessing it will be several minutes.
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    I was curious. Boot time is ~1:30 on the Torch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    I was curious. Boot time is ~1:30 on the Torch.

    My boot up time on my VZ Pre Plus is between 3 to 5 minutes.
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    Not be off-topic, but currently my Pre 2 w/ 2.1 boots in about 1:20. Not superfast, not super slow. Luna Reset is about 25sec.

    This is HUGE improvement over Pre- & 1.4.5... So it is safe to say we should be under a minute w/ Pre 3 and better yet on the TouchPad....
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    Wow, we are way off the OP. The Veer is much more than just boot time. It's a cool little phone, and very fast.
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    I'm have mixed feelings about the charge/USB cable. During a hospital stay, I had forgotten to pack my USB cable for my Pre. One of the nurses had a standard charger with a mini-usb cable. That saved me. Come to find out, she had a Pre from Sprint. Having and extra touch stone back (my pre is AT&T) when I went back for a check up I gave it to her. If I would have had the Veer I would have been SOL.

    Is it at least touch stone compatible?
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